Synyster Graves


Guess we should start from the beginning eh?

Since then I have documenting my progress on YouTube. Filming myself from angles which I can see if I’m giving the game away or not and while it’s not perfect, it’s a decent attempt for someone who’s learning the craft and I am proud of what I’ve achieved. Here’s the links to the vids I’ve posted so far:

IMG-20191219-WA00023  anxiety
These are all the videos on my youtube channel:

The Hadoken Change
Broken Promises
Seven Days
Missing Identity
Trapped in your own head
Day 66 Movie: Magic & Merchandise
Magic Vlog: Learning the Snap Change
The Card Cheat
Aces & Eights
The Coriolis Change
Object Magic
An Empty Planet – An Inverted Ambitious Card Routine
Chinese Magic
Tabletop Magic Tricks
More Magic Tricks @ The Poker Table
How Do You Spend Your Lunch Breaks?
Magic With Friends
Card Tricks @ The Poker Table
Magic Tricks @ The Bottom of the stairs

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