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Dynasty Warriors 6: Completist Achievement

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Ridiculous Achievements

Now this achievement is just plain time consuming. Other tough achievements are usually fraught with difficulty, this one is just plain long. In order to get a character to level up, you have to do missions, get a high defeat ratio, etc and you get experience like in any RPG game. The only major problem with this is that there are 41 characters and only only 17 of them are enabled for “Musou Mode” which provides them with extra experience for specific missions. The remainder can only be used in free mode so will only get experience for kills in a single battle.

Bearing in mind it took me about 12 hours of gameplay to get the character I was using (Lu Bu, hardest bloke in the game) to level 50, extrapolating that out would mean spending about 480 hours getting the other characters up to the same standard, and quite frankly I like the game but not that much that I’d spend 20 solid days of gaming on it. What were KOEI thinking?

Dynasty Warrior games always seem to have really stupid achievements at the tail end which are way too time consuming to even contemplate doing, let alone attempt. This sort of explains why most of my KOEI collection are around the 900G mark, instead of that final push for a maxout. It’s insane, no one will have that much time to spend on this game. If they gave extra EXP for characters not in a Musou Mode then fair enough, anything like a x2 multiplyer augment then it would make it bearable. But they don’t.

This achievement is just fucking ridiculous!

There are WAY too many characters to fully develop!


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  • Connor

    I coompletely agree with you. I recently got the easy 900/1000 Gamerscore for it, but I just can’t be bothered to level every single character to Level 50, or complete every mission on Chaos mode. Quite annoying as every other Achievement in the game is quite easy to get.

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