Synyster Graves

All Your Skates Are Belong To Us

Since buying a squad of players who realistically way too good to be playing for them, Portsmouth Football Club has now begun to reap the consequences of paying wages for almost Champions League standard players when in reality they are more like a League One team who rode their luck to get to the Premier League. Now since being sold by Sacha Gaydamak they have leapt from dodgy owner to criminal interchangeably and found themselves in a bit of a financial pickle. Do I feel sorry for them? No I certainly don’t, because other clubs build up slowly and make progress rather than the instantaneous success when they won an F.A. Cup.

The F.A. however have changed rules repeatedly to make sure that they survive time after time and I’ve had enough. The club itself is a disgrace and needs to be shut down as they have become a cancer to English Football for seasons now. Portsmouth fans ask yourself, that one cup, was it worth it? Since this debacle started I’ve been commenting on the events on how the F.A. have failed to punish them properly (click on a number for each report):


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