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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 9)

by on Jul.18, 2012, under Footie Rants

How the hell are they still here??

After witnessing the swift and unfortunate demise of Glasgow Rangers from being a Champions League team to being thrust into the lower reaches of the Scottish Third Division after being liquidated one must ask, how the hell hasn’t this happened to Portsmouth? The serial offenders of breaking the financial rules have remained a club, despite being £58million in debt and have the audacity to attempt to repay the creditors owed a meagre 2p in every £1 as their Company Voluntary Agreement. That’s the equivalent of going into Lloyds TSB, borrowing £1,000 and only paying back £20. Apply that to a larger scale and you realise how completely ridiculous that is. Considering how the rest of Europe is being bailed out for crippled finances like Spain and Greece and suddenly Portsmouth expecting to pay £1 out of every £50 is bordering on being criminally sarcastic. Now I’m not a financial expert, but that is seriously taking the piss. Except they are not joking.

Rangers’ liquidation is incredibly unfortunate, especially since Portsmouth have got away with it for so long. What is the difference between the circumstances? I see none.

The Football League however have met halfway with my claims that they should be turfed out of the league by issuing a -10 point deduction at the start of the 2012/2013 season for their insolvency, to be honest it’s not enough but I’m fed of referencing Leeds’ -15pts or Bournemouth’s -17pts. What Portsmouth have continued to do is much worse. So they’ve managed to offload lots of their big earners, well did it occur to you that they offered the wages to those players in the first place? Despite what the news broadcasts say in the South, there is nothing to feel sorry for Portsmouth, or their fans. Constantly popping up in news articles detailing their plight is like mocking the afflicted now and I’m tired of reading them, especially when this stay of execution is prolonged. Just get on with it and boot them out, or drop them down the divisions like the pro-active Scottish FA did with Rangers. Rangers’ punishment has been swift and brutal, not like the slap-on-the-wrist treatment Portsmouth have got. It’s disgusting that they will continue to be a football club despite not having any money or even the PLAYERS to compete at that level. Where is this embargo the FL have placed on them? How come there are players they are taking on trial? I know footballers aren’t the most intelligent bunch, but don’t they realise that they might not get paid? Let alone play for a club with more holes in it than a chalk cliff? They really are the only club I know who have been allowed to sign players when they’re insolvent and in an embargo.  Birmingham City had a transfer embargo and they’re not even in the same shit as Portsmouth by a long shot? Consistency failing yet again.

It is an utter disgrace that this club have continued to exist. They need to get thrown out. Now!

But please explain to me what the difference between the two clubs’ situations are? I’ve spoken to a few Portsmouth fans and they claim that it’s because of the history of the club that the league is trying to save them, rather than fold them like Aldershot and Chester City. But if that’s the case, Glasgow Rangers are folding and they have a much more illustrious history than Portsmouth! In recent times Portsmouth have bought an FA cup, Rangers have played in the Champions League. So I personally don’t see how Portsmouth are worth saving over them. The other difference is the democracy that the Scottish FA have implemented; i.e. allowed the other clubs to vote. In England however, Portsmouth are just sitting in their pocket. It makes no sense to me. Portsmouth should be liquidated with immediate effect. They’re still insolvent and now before the season starts would be the ideal time to boot them out. I have no idea what favours administrator Trevor Birch has pulled to keep them seemingly afloat, but the Football League should call time on this debacle and expel them immediately, or even drop them into the Blue Square Premier. But neither has happened and this disgrace of a club are allowed to start in League One, completely unjustifyably if you ask me.

Apparently the administrators have accepted a bid from Balram Chanrai to save the club allegedly. However, I’m pretty sure every other club has had to rigmarole of having the Football League imposed “Fit and Proper Test”. Now surely the man who essentially seized the club as an owed asset and then placed them in administration, which kicked off this unholy mess is not what you would describe as a fit and proper owner. I’ve seen clubs have rich benefactors turned away by this process, yet I haven’t seen it mentioned yet? So again, Portsmouth have the rules bent for them.

I’m not going to go on and on about this for now, but since the club have owed way more money than Rangers and have been taking the piss by not paying staff for MONTHS now, how the hell are they a club still yet Rangers have been liquidated and the phoenix club been plummented three divisions. That’s what should have happened years ago, but no, this has dragged on. Portsmouth’s own fans know they should not be a club still so lets stop the misery and wipe their essence from history for good now. Disgusting club, awful fans, a cancer on the English League. Please all you mouthy Pompey fans out there, please tell me I’m wrong.

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  • The Bear

    OK, this is quite simple. What happened with Rangers is a shame since (although I have no personal like for them) they are one of the great football clubs with an illustrious history. But it is quite right and proper for them to start over like they are.

    Portsmouth on the other hand are a shit stain. No one would really miss them outside of their God awful hovel of a town. And since their fans are so obviously inbred, it will likely not take long before memories of their club fade away as they turn to family duties like raising their cousin/sister/mother-in-law or whatever Hellish creation is produced from their rampant incest.

  • The Bear

    Oh, and a political point. One of the MPs for Portsmouth asked the Prime Minster a question in Parliament not that long ago about saving Portsmouth since their fans cannot exactly support Southampton.

    No one is suggesting otherwise. However, Rangers will now play football at a level more akin to the jumpers for goalposts sessions enjoyed down the rec on a Saturday morning and yet no one is standing up for them because they cannot just support Celtic.

    Perhaps they should look at clubs like AFC Wimbledon. Their fans have created their own club which has risen rapidly through the ranks and now play in League 2 (as will Portsmouth before too long if their sham existence is allowed to continue).

    Portsmouth are being given preferential treatment for no reason and the sooner they are liquidated and their stadium turned into a wholesome family entertainment facility – or aquatic brothel as the natives Portsmouth would prefer – the better.

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