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All Your Skates Are Belong To Us (Part 8)

by on Apr.24, 2012, under Footie Rants

While a tiny amount of retribution was felt with Portsmouth being relegated to League One, it still doesn’t mask the fact that they shouldn’t, by right, have even reached the end of the season. It was released in the news that they are in effect in debt by £58 million. This is also the sum total owed, bear in mind that the first amount of debt that landed them in administration three years ago they only had to pay 20p of every £1 to their creditors. I’ve said all along that if I only had to pay 20% of all the money owed to my council tax, mortgage and student loan I would be in a profit. As an example borrowing £20 and paying back only £4 sees me ripping somone off by £16. Take that into the millions and you get to understand the astronomical extent that Portsmouth are taking the piss.

The £58 million owed is also in many areas as lots of local businesses have chipped in to try and help their beleaguered club and end up losing substantial amounts of money for their own family businesses. Is that what Portsmouth FC has become? Robbing their own? Making families bankrupt? You can argue that the local businesses weren’t expecting to get screwed over by Portsmouth and it was their own volition that they tried to help, but in light of this I feel it substantiates my claims that the F.A. should have done the right thing in the first place and shut them down 3 seasons ago. But they were too worried about how it would make their league look, but as we’re approaching the close season, I am emploring you to recognise the sheer damage which having this club exist is having on English football in general.

Never Die? That's only because the FA keep changing their rules to allow your survival. You dimwitted cunts.

Again they have had rules changed for them just to accomodate the position which they got themselves in. They have loaned in players OUTSIDE of the transfer window, completely invalidating their rules of having a transfer window in the first place. Most importantly, all the other 92 professional clubs have to abide by this rule.

But this is even more contrasted by the fact that in Scotland, the SFA have imposed a 12 month transfer embargo on Glasgow Rangers. This is the complete opposite to what the English F.A. are doing. By imposing the sanctions, the SFA have indeed made life incredibly difficult for Rangers but it seems they are taking action against administration. Portsmouth on the other hand have pretty much been handed a holiday by the F.A. who are going beyond their jurisdiction to aid them with zero transfer windows allowing them to bring anyone they want in. Considering that Portsmouth let go their entire youth team when they were relegated from the Premiership in favour paying premiership wages to players like Tal Ben Haim, Dave Kitson and Liam Lawrence instead of doing what other clubs do, which is use their club’s resources and move the players on the bigger wages on.

But this is where the F.A.’s clemency for Portsmouth’s grotesque mismanagement comes unstuck. They reason they don’t want them out the league is they said it would mess up the structure of the league. And we can’t have that can we?….except inadvertently they have affected the Championship promotion. Consider this:

Chris Maguire was signed from Derby County outside the loan transfer window, again more special dispensation for Portsmouth. Normally speaking this would be known as an ILLEGAL TRANSFER. I distinctly remember Swindon being punished for exactly the same thing.

He scored an equalising goal in the South Coast derby against Southampton, which finished at 2-2.

If the FA actually had proper rules and backed them up, then arguably speaking Maguire’s goal should be chalked off winning Southampton the match at 2-1, giving them 2 more points than they currently have.

This has a domino effect in such that they would have gone into the Championship decider against Reading two points ahead, which could have affected their performance. If not and the actual result of 3-1 happened, Southampton would be promoted regardless. However since this is not the case, they could still be pipped to second place by West Ham, whereas the two points they were cheated out against Portsmouth would mean that they would be 4 points clear, thus already promoted.

Instead they go into the last game of the season still not assured of promotion, something Portsmouth fans will enjoy, disregarding the fact that their club should have been extinct this season, thus should have an no impact on the promotion race. Instead the F.A.’s allowance to have a let Portsmouth have a couple of illegal transfers has backfired massively.

Hopefully this is the last season Portsmouth will grace us with their odious presence, the right thing needs to be done and now it’s the end of the season, it’s time for them to be removed. Get lost Portsmouth, and take all the racist, violent cunts you call supporters with you into oblivion.

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