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The Obligatory Argument About Goal-Line Technology…part 2

by on Jun.20, 2012, under Angry Rants

Well well well. Here we are again. As a totally biased and not afraid to admit it England fan I’m chuffed. Not particularly with the 1-0 result against Ukraine but more with the switching of opinions of a particular Sepp Blatter. I seem to recall rather vividly Blatter’s constant whining about how football is about “mistakes”. It was all this bullshit about having extra referees on the byline instead. That was deemed enough for Blatter and for Platini it seemed, thus effectively telling us to shut up after watching Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany get chalked off.

I agree that the ball did cross the line in Donetsk, however Blatter should stick to his guns instead of changing his opinion

Suddenly as if by magic there’s a change of heart after Ukraine’s goal which never was, funnily enough England benefitted from it. So let me get this right FIFA/UEFA, when England score a goal which never counts, we need to stick to just the referee’s derisory eyesight. If England benefit from having a match official not give a goal despite being 4 yards away, we need goal line technology. Doesn’t anyone else find that a bit rich. Certainly to say that Blatter all of a sudden is behind Goal Line Tech is a bit much, as two years ago in South Africa he was saying the complete opposite. I’m not saying that one cannot change their opinion, but this continued bias against England is becoming too much of a joke now. It’s one or the other for me, I always said that if England ever actually benefitted from a lack of Goal Line Technology, then FIFA would myseteriously change their stance on the cameras. For a start, it was as much over the line as Andy Carroll’s “goal” in the FA Cup final this year, but that didn’t count, so as far as I’m aware all the Ukrainian lamenting about it being a goal is falling on deaf ears here.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, not elapsing into my usual condemnation of FIFA, but either be fully behind Goal Line Technology and actually follow through with its implementation or shut up. Not display fair-weather feelings depending on how it costs England, or conversely benefits them. Platini is not going to budge, and you have to ask yourself if he deserves to become Blatter’s successor, because any high ranking positions in FIFA just seem to have the pre-requisite of being a total c*nt.

But lets not point fingers here, because a) the shot which led to the goal was offside, and b) the goal was never given, so how can it be disallowed. Semantics my friend, and Oleg Blokhin can threaten as many journalists as he wants, but even at 1-1, Ukraine would have been knocked out anyways.

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