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The Obligatory Argument About Goal-Line Technology

by on Jun.29, 2010, under International Football

In light of the mockery of the goal that was never given in the England vs Germany match, the argument as reared it’s ugly head about FIFA’s ambivalent reluctance to look into the possibility of using a fourth official as a video ref. All the other major sports have it; rugby, cricket, tennis, ice hockey, so why won’t FIFA allow this?

The reason is simple. FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter is a cunt. A stupid bureaucratic cunt at that. He has this attitude that it’s his way or no way at all and won’t even listen to anybody because he thinks he’s right all the time. Why he feels that FIFA seems to have adopted an Amish demeanour towards world football is anyone’s guess but it certainly is ruining the game. We live in an age whereby we are able to right these wrongs yet Blatter will have none of it. The other stumbling block is it is obvious that the guy doesn’t like England, and certainly if that’s not the case his lapdog Michel Plantini certainly doesn’t. But lets get back to the issue here which is FIFA’s reluctance to actually do anything to try and fix this ongoing problem. They’ve once again taken a obstinate stance to the media again as spokesman Nicolas Maingot said it was “obviously not the place” to debate refereeing errors or the merits of goal-line and video technology. Well why not? There’s a fucking World Cup going on at the moment, the most poignant spectacle of football in the world and yet this debate is opened up again?

Blatter’s arguement is that the game is about mistakes and the referee is god essentially. But when mistakes cost teams places in tournaments, surely that is detrimental to the game. For a start, the video cameras will have a referee’s assistant watching them like in rugby so if he wants his mistakes, let the guy in the video booth make these so-called mistakes. And like in the rugby there are mistakes with video refs, like in the 2007 world cup final when Mark Cueto had a try disallowed. Stuart Dickinson watched that replay for about 5 minutes and still got it wrong. That at least you can put down to a human error. FIFA cannot continue to wave about their fluorescent yellow banners with the “FIFA Fair Play” when they allow cheating and gross injustice to populate the game on the largest level. We all support good football, so why encourage mistakes when a referee is but one man. He cannot be everywhere and he cannot see everything. I am sure that Jorge Larrionda, the Uruguayan ref who disallowed England’s goal will be embarrassed when he saw the replay of that goal. The same way swiss referee Urs Maier disallowed England’s goal in Euro 2004. Noticing a pattern here? It seems that all these contentious decisions are all against England. Surely if it happened in a game between one of FIFA favoured nations like Germany or Argentina then they would probably do something about it. Seeing that everytime it affects England, they just don’t care. How much over the line does it have to be a goal? The whole ball? Well certainly going back as far as Roy Carroll’s gaffe for Manchester United against Tottenham saw it happen and even Birmingham’s goal against Portsmouth in the FA Cup last season. So how many times does this need to happen before people find this fucking ridiculous, because I for one am getting quite tired of FIFA’s denial and subsequent incompetence.

But the video ref doesn’t have to be just for goals, it can be for off the ball incidents or in Ireland’s case on the ball incidents, namely Thierry Henry’s double handball, and even Luis Fabiano’s handball against Ivory Coast. FIFA perpetual reluctance to even look into this allows injustice and quite frankly cheating. Do you think if there was a video ref Maradona would have been able to shoryuken the ball in England’s net in 1986? Hell no! But going back to the incident involving Thierry Henry is that the goal essentially eliminated Ireland out of the World Cup and denied them the chance of going to South Africa, which again is really not in the spirit of fiar play in the slightest. The fact that the “compromise” of having referee’s behind the bye-line missed that shows that while having the extra eyes for the ref may slightly help, the human brain and eyes cannot rewind time like some singularity core.

If you look on the FIFA website, the page on fair play says this:
“The generic concept of fair play is a fundamental part of the game of football. It represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and fans.
The Fair Play Campaign was conceived largely as an indirect result of the 1986 FIFA World Cup™ in Mexico, when the handball goal by Diego Maradona stimulated the admirable reaction of the England coach, Sir Bobby Robson. Since then, the campaign has had with the unconditional support of former FIFA President João Havelange and current President Joseph S. Blatter.”

Obviously the massive flaw with this is that Sepp Blatter is the exact impediment towards the introduction of enforcing such fair play with denying the opportunity for video referees and cameras. FIFA have royally fucked up this time and refusing to be drawn into any debate involving technology is short sighted and detrimental to the game. The fact that the above statement acknowledges that Maradona’s handball started this campaign, which implies an admission of guilt that that was never spotted do they continually trip themselves up when this video technology debate arises? This Victorian approach towards technology is not fair play and completely contradicts the message on their site.

FIFA need to do something, no more than ever, this whole Draconian administration cannot continue.

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