Synyster Graves

Day 66 Movie

So my good friend Russ decided that the wanted to make a zombie movie, now this normally isn’t the conversation at a pub you’d take seriously but he’s always really been into his films so the next stage he told me he was writing a script again, I dismissed it as a hobby, like I do my magic. And then it started getting some gravity. People started talking about it online and after he’d set up a twitter, facebook and instagram account, there were hundreds of followers! People were asking to be involved and people were genuinely enthusiastic about it. Amazing!

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2nd September 2018

I was invited to attend a shoot down in Park Gate in Hampshire where I had to do some behind the scenes photography. I was amazed at some of the makeup on the zombies by the sheer creativity and skill of the make up artists. For me, it was the first time seeing Russ really step into this leading role and most importantly, directing it exactly how he wanted it. episode1-still

26th May 2019

This was a day trip Russ and I took into the New Forest to get some scenery shots for the opening scene. Russ’ vision was to have various sweeping footage of the natural landscape to depict what the world was like prior to the event. I have been creating and assembling the various footage to be, what will eventually be, the opening credits. episode2-still

15th June 2019

This was the big one, over fifty volunteers arrived to play zombies in the horde. I was a runner as well as did lots of behind the scenes filming for these documentaries detailing what went on in the background. EPISODE3-STILL

26th April 2020

Just a little update on the work I’m doing for the movie. I’m trying to create some digital scenes for a section of the Opening Credits. Coronavirus Lockdown has made this process a little trickier but we are all working on this movie and this is a very brief insight to the parts I am still working on. day66news2

27th May 2020

It’s the 66th day of Lockdown, so let’s all come together to discuss all things zombie with the director of #Day66Movie


All the above is my own work, and while this is being produced and filmed by Beacon Productions, I am not associated with them in anyway.