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Synyster’s Top 7 Games which would benefit from zombies

by on Oct.26, 2011, under The Top 7 of Everything

Having started playing Crackdown 2, I’m pleased with the new addition of zombies in the game to pad it out. Yeah sure it seems like most games today just throw in zombies to make a market for it like Call of Duty does, but it does give it an extra depth. Look at the other games which have incorporated a “zombie” add-on, we’ve got Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Saints Row 2 and Black Ops, all which positively make the games better in another aspect. So I was wondering, when playing online with Rabit the other day, that what games would be given an extra dimension if zombies were thrown into the mix, no matter how incongruous the content. I reckon it would be funny, but what do you think? (p.s. the following games are all fake, please don’t email me claiming I’m starting a hoax!)

7. Nintendogs: Zombies & friends

I’m just imagining taking a twee and cutesy game such as Nintendogs on the DS and giving you the opportunity of taking care, nurturing and feeding and pet animal who is from beyond the grave and prancing around your screeen jovially because you’ve just fed it a live cat. Personally, I reckon that would sell!


 6. Dr Kawashima’s BrainDead Training

Staying with the DS still, the Dr. Kawashima games assesses your brain capacity and trying to train your brain, well what about the claims that video games rot your brain, so what if they cater to that? Of course zombies are individuals indicative of having zero brain activity so the game would have a variety of pointless brainless challenges like counting the lumps of flesh in the quickest time possible.


5. L.A.Noire: Rise of The Quarter Moon Murders

Cole Phelps was a relatively dismal protagonist in retrospect. All he ever whinged about was either being in the Marines during Okinawa or sat there blankly accusing people of murder when you don’t have nearly enough evidence to do so! However in this version of L.A.Noire, the streets of 1947 Los Angeles would be certainly livened up with the walking dead. Red Dead Redemption, the other masterpiece by Rockstar managed to have zombies so why not L.A.Noire? Even better would be if all the bodies from the Black Dahlia murderer were reanimated and began to walk the streets after busting out of the morgue. Then imagine the hysteria as the corpses started walking around terroising the denizens of Los Angeles! Amazing scenes!

4. Wii Sports: Resort of the Dead

Not only has this game nearly given me a seizure from waggling a remote about like I was trying to get a tarantula off my sleeve, but there was no point rather some kind of virtual “exercise”. But there never seemed to have any point to it all, apart from running around in a large circle! So my proposition is this, all the kinetic sports you have to do is to out run a zombie horde! The archery would be awesome if you were playing it like a rail shooter, having to beat back the tide of rampaging zombies. Wakeboarding on a sea of undead sounds particularly fun too!

3. Command & Conquer: Dead Alert

Being a fan of the Real Time Strategy games I loved most of the C&C:Red Alert series, especially the second one, although it did go slightly off the rails when they introduced the mind controlling Yuri army. It was fun for about one battle, but then it got rather tedious, especially when you had the flying saucers. That was just silly. However, if you were to introduce a rampaging zombie horde, that’s a totally different thing! Just think about having different units like the psecial infected from Left 4 Dead at your disposal, and with most zombie games it’s sheer numbers which makes them strong, creating an army with waves upon waves of the undead sounds totally awesome!

2. The Sims 3: Zombies!

Since the Sims 3 has gone through a few iterations of late, what with the medieval and now the pets expansions, I think it would be way more interesting if your sims were all the living dead. No I’m not talking about the state your sim gets in if they’re bored or hungry either. Granted the game would be simplified if you were controlling a zombie, as the only parameter you would need to monitor would be the food bar, but then again the challenge would be to look for available sources of flesh to top up your character. But then again the real challenge would be to control a zombie survivor, instead of furnishing the interiors with nice furniture you’re having to ensure the windows are sufficiently barricaded to stop any zombies bashing the fixtures, a bit like in the Call of Duty zombies add on. Zombies can then attack in waves and you have to adequately prepare the necessary defences to repel the oncoming hordes.

1. FIFA 11: Zombie Edition

FIFA however having a fully downloadable zombie team sounds like a fantastic idea, either having a team of zombies to play against, tastelessly pitching literally by gone footballers into a starting eleven of super human zombies, or having various game modes of how many goals you can score before a horde totally invades and wipes out the pitch. Similarly you could introduce a version of horde into the game whereby you have to take out the zombies with set pieces before they overwhelm you. Personally I think having a zombie team on the pitch is awesome and would be a worthy addition to a game which doesn’t particularly add to each iteration, rather just increments it’s suffix every year to rebrand it at full retail value.

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  • Whyte Rabit

    lol I think IGN touched on zombie Fifa 12 in a q&a session actually… their answer was something along the lines of; “unfortunately not, but if you want to see 22 braindead beings run around a pitch for a full two halfs, the guys at EA have included Plymouth Argyle and Crystal Palace for you.”

    Out of all of them, “Command & Conquer: Dead Alert” sounds awesome and actually really marketable!!

  • Azazel Shadows

    Agree on the Command & Conquer: Dead Alert

    Blast from the past for you Synyster, do you remember try to implement China for RA2 as a fourth side? Never could quite get it to work. Found the Tib Ed files the other day on a Very old archive disc. May have to give it another shot.

    In RA2 Allied and Soviets were so well balanced that there was a real sense of strategy rather than build 100 tanks and march in.

    The Yuri side was….different. If you get passed the annoyingness of some of the units it was difficult to play as Yuri which in essence was a hacked together force. You were so reliant on base power that as soon as it was taken out you stood little chance of survival.

    Still have fond memories of sending an attack force of 80 black eagle jets on attack runs 🙂 And creating T-rex’s with a thermo nuke shoved up the ………

    Might have to load up RA2 tonight. Where’s Dave when you need him to loose spectacularly 🙂

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