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Rabit’s Top 7 Celebrities who look like…

by on Mar.17, 2012, under The Top 7 of Everything

Have you ever watched something on TV or at the cinema and thought “s/he looks just like…”? I do all the time. Maybe I’m just dyslexic with faces, but either way, here’s my top 7.

7. Edward Burns – Ben Assfleck
Bit of a stretch this one, but the first time I watched “Confidence” and “Saving Private Ryan” I thought it was Affleck. No? Maybe I’d had a few to drink but this fills up my number seven spot quite nicely. Onward and upward…

6. Shia Lebeouf – Ben Savage
Another first-time face-misplace here, I can’t remember what I first saw Shia Lebeouf in, but I could have sworn it was “that kid from Boy Meets World”, who I later found out is called Ben Savage. Maybe it was just a long time since I’d seen ‘Boy Meets World’, but I don’t think they are too far from each other.

5. Gregg Wallace – An Egg
The wife loves watching masterchef and every time I see it on the TV and the presenters (of whom Greg is one, in case you’ve never seen masterchef) are talking, all I can see is an egg bouncing up and down on a pair of shoulders. Almost like a Canadian person from South Park.

4. Wayne Rooney – Mr Potato Head
You can’t deny that the ugliest toy in the word resembles the ugliest man in the world? Wayne probably has a similar IQ to the potato shaped plastic toy too, I think that’s definitely a given even if you don’t think he looks odd.

3. John Leguizamo – Dr Nick Riviera
Every time I see this guy in a movie all that goes through my head is “heeey eeverybody, I’m Doctor Nick!”, if they ever made a non cartoon Simpsons movie I think they’d find it hard to cast most of the characters, but this would be a dead cert for me.

2. Tyler Labine – Snarf
I loved Thundercats, and if they ever make a live action film of the awesome 80’s cartoon, forget CGI, this guy should be in the front running for the spot of Snarf. I just want him to look into the camera and go; “Snarf, Snarf!”

1. Piers Morgan – A giant turd
I don’t know about you, but I see a massive resemblance here. In fact, any time I see a dog dish up its bowels into a steaming pile of smell, all I can think of is our Piers.

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