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Synyster’s Top 7 Played Games of 2011

by on Jan.10, 2012, under The Top 7 of Everything

This year I’ve been skint, which by comparison means that I haven’t been able to buy many new games, I’m more one for trawling through the bargain and reduced games section in order to play something new. Therefore this list isn’t exactly what I would describe as extensive or definitive. Furthermore most of the games I have played this year which were new have been a  bit pap and not worthy of a mention of this Top 7. There have been some good ones and they are as following:

7. Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone (XBLA)

The first Zombie Apocalypse game was alright. Nothing spectacular but enough to drain a few hours at a time (or in Ette’s case an entire afternoon between us). The second came out and it had more depth to it, i.e. it had a storyline and four distinctly different characters. The zombies were a lot tougher than the first game, albeit just as cheap (with their bloody homing knives, seriously how can a knife act like a homing missile and how does a zombie throw it!) but it was entertaining if somewhat incredibly challenging.

6. From Dust (XBLA)

With the exception of Lionhead’s Black & White series there hasn’t been too many games which place you the player in th role of a deity. Well for the masses of megalomaniacs out there From Dust provided a good puzzle game with brilliant graphics putting you in the driving seat of making your a tribe of your worshippers survive the wrath of nature, whether it be tsunamis, volcanoes or flash flooding. With the ability to create barricades from molten rock, sand or bizarre exploding vegetation, From Dust was an addictive puzzle game, full of challenge modes for when you finally complete the campaign mode.

5. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Survival Mode (Xbox 360)

While those of you that know me, you’ll find this blindingly ironic that I’m actually praising a CoD game since I hated Modern Warfare 1, and while I haven’t bought this, I have to say from going round Tribal’s house to play this, I am totally addicted to the survival mode. I haven’t touched the multiplayer (mainly because I can’t be bothered to be irritatated by virgins) and the campaign mode is probably still essentially a corridor based rail shooter, but the special ops survival mode is simply fantastic and addictive, hence this mode alone merits a place in my Top 7 of 2011. It’s gripping, tactical and frankly incredibly satisfying when it’s essentially a CoD equivalent to Gears of War’s Horde mode. FAD rifle for the win!

4. Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon (Xbox 360)

EDF:2017 was one of the hidden gems on the Xbox for years and finally after much promise the sequel was finally released I was very excited, and furthermore enjoyed it. While it didn’t have the sheer number of levels that it’s predecessor did (15 compared to 53) the diversity of upgrading weapons and levelling up Borderlands style was a nice touch, but most importantly it’s the online co-op which gives this game one hell of a good belt and makes it extraordinarily fun. The spiders were more realistic, the Hectors were way tougher providing a great challenge and a great online experience. New enemies like the metallic Preying Mantis and the rotund Bomber Spider as well as the huge boss monsters, EDF:IA was an underrated diamond to be released in 2011.

3. Alice: Madness Returns (Xbox 360)

American McGee, apart from having one the daftest names I’ve heard, had a great little game back in the days when I was a PC gamer, and the long and belated sequel arrived last year. From being a fan of Tim Burton-esque twisted worlds to the whole literature of the Alice in Wonderland books, this game was always going to score well with me, and it didn’t really disappoint. From exploding teapots, rapid firing pepper pots, to bashing the holy hell out of enemies with a unicorn hobby horse, Alice: MR was an addictive platformer full of puzzles and brilliant fighting sequences, albeit totally drowning in way too many collectables. With great replay value for completing it time and time again to get all the missed Easter Eggs, Alice was another game which didn’t seem to get the accolades it should have done last year.

2. L.A. Noire (Xbox 360)

Never before was a game so much more like an interactive movie, with actual proper actors and, well, acting involved. Motion capture is one thing but face acting is a totally different premise and never really seen before in gaming. L.A.Noire was an enthralling game which had be one of the most original concepts I’ve played and the intricate storylines combined with the gripping sleuth work made this game a great play. Although the main story tailed off and by the end became completely stupid, but that was a mere blip in an otherwise finely polished masterpiece. While yes the protagonist Cole Phelps was a complete douche, and the total move away from the sandboxing environment you’d expect from the creators of GTA and Red Dead Redemption was surprising, yet as a game it was self contained enough to work. More like an interactive and intuitive movie than a game at times, L.A.Noire was a great experience.

1. Saints Row: The Third (Xbox 360)

Even though this game came out at the tail of the year, I don’t think I’ve had a game where I just could not put it down from the word go. I loved it. Every single minute of it. The fact that you can customise your character to be, well, you. Look like you, talk like you, behave like you with the library of crude taunts, you also had the key factor in a sandbox game….choice. You chose the destiny of the game. Every decision impacted on what happened later you got to play the game like you were you. None of this crap being phoned by your cousin, or forced into doing certain missions, everything is done on your watch and you decide what you do. Plus this game does not take itself seriously, and if you don’t like fart jokes, then maybe this is not the game for. Beating someone to death with a two metre phallus after previously having thrown a jar full of flatulence at them, and throw laser firing Harrier Jets, zombies, and tanks into it and you’ll see why Saints Row has knocked GTA off it’s perch. Unless GTA5 is incredible and stops being so damn serious, SR3 will remain as the best sandbox game out there, and definitely my game of 2011

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