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Smart Motorways Set Up Us The Bomb

by on Mar.17, 2020, under Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

Smart motorways don’t make any sense to me. It seems that creating an even worse hazard without any respite areas seems that it will kill more people than solve problems. This conveyor belt of unnecessary collisions is dangerous and these proposed seldom refuge areas are ridiculous. You can have an engine fault at ANY point on the motorway so the probability of being in the vicinity of being safe to pull over is so much more remote.

I also don’t understand why cone off 14 miles of motorway, reducing everything to a 50mph speed limit, yet only work on 10ft at a time. Why not cone it off as required? That’d be like updating ten servers, so you shut them all down and do one at a time?

Since releasing this video Panorama did an episode on this highlighting the dangers of Smart Motorways so (for once I agree with the BBC) hopefully this has people more aware how dangerous this is and how much the Highways Agency just don’t care because they’re lining their pockets.

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