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Lord Ouseley Set Up Us The Bomb

by on Jan.06, 2012, under Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

“Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity”. What a great line from Vinnie Jones’ character “Bullet Tooth Tony” in the film Snatch. So much so that such an example has come to fruition today in the sports headlines.

While masses upon masses of idiotic morons leap on the media fueled bandwagon, perpetuating the erroneous interchanging of “anti-racism” and “political correctness” like an airborne flick of paint on a Jackson Pollock canvas, it was oly a matter of time before one of the high zealots piped up and said something stupid. Today, that was Lord Ouseley, head of the Kick It Out campaign:

“Liverpool FC need to take a hard look at themselves and how they have responded to the complaint and the investigations into the allegations of abuse in the Patrice Evra/Luis Suarez case.

“Throughout the entirety of the proceedings, over the past three months, all we have heard are denials and denigration of Evra. Since the publication of the 115-page report of the findings of the FA’s independent commission, Liverpool’s vitriol has increased.

“Suarez’s attempt at a belated apology is nothing short of lamentable. I cannot believe that a club of Liverpool’s stature, and with how it has previously led on matters of social injustice and inequality, can allow its integrity and credibility to be debased by such crass and ill-considered responses.”

Ouseley added: “Liverpool have been particularly hypocritical. You can’t on the one hand wear a Kick It Out T-shirt in a week of campaigning against racism when this is also happening on the pitch: it’s the height of hypocrisy.

“Liverpool players wore a T-shirt saying: ‘We support Luis Suarez’, seemingly whatever the outcome. This was a dreadful knee-jerk reaction because it stirs things up.”

Lord Ouseley: Liverpool FC are not a racist club so stop incinuating that they have done something wrong and actually for someone who preaches equality, maybe should consider your statements before running your mouth

While this utterly objective drivel is allowed to be used as a statement from someone who is supposed to be spearheading a campaign but would rather aim completely unpragmatic jibes at Liverpool and all their supporters. He references the published report which does not include any corroborating evidence, video or otherwise, of Evra’s claims and that is deemed substantial enough to warrant a heavy handed sentence. Liverpool sense of injustice is glaringly obvious, and with good reason, seeing that, as previously stated in other posts, that the lack of evidence which doesn’t match the severity of the ban, I can see how anyone connected to Liverpool is incensed.

Liverpool’s integrity and credibility is not under scrutiny at all, but will be continued to be challenged and dragged through the mud as long as you have idiots like Ouseley bringing them into question in such acrimonious outbursts like the one today. Liverpool’s continued support is not promoting racism like Ouseley so does so crassly. His asinine and derisory comments about the team for wearing shirts is nothing short of ridiculous, as supporting a colleague who has been pilloried without substantial evidence, I think showing their support and unity is morally just. For Ouseley to say that Liverpool players are essentially promoting racism is merely indicative of someone with a sub-zero IQ.

Maybe the Liverpool players should have worn this t-shirt since there was no physical evidence for this suspension

But consider this, what if your friend was being charged with murder yet there was no supporting evidence other than someone else’s word which essentially convicted them. Wouldn’t that be perceived as miscarriage of justice? I seriously dare someone to challenge me on this analogy because putting themselves in that position, no one would begrudge Liverpool for wearing the t-shirts. I seem to recall picket lines of disgruntled protestors when Matthew Rose in Eastenders was framed for murdering Saskia. The protestors had t-shirts and picket signs too. The only difference is that Eastenders is fictitious. But yet such a strong feeling of injustice warranted a reaction, and according to Newtonian law, every action has a reaction. Ouseley’s grotesque misinterpretation of supporting someone you feel is wronged is not the same as supporting what they’re accused of, ironic how this situation has been catalysed by general misinterpretation.

Which brings me to my next point, how Ouseley has belligerently labelled Liverpool as hypocrites for promoting racism by supporting Suarez and still supporting anti-racism is miles wide of the mark. Liverpool themselves have kept their integrity and reputation intact from my perspective as they have merely supported a colleague throughout a biased investigation resulting in a miscarriage of justice. I concur that Suarez was politically incorrect but that by proxy does not make Liverpool a racist club, the complete converse of Ouseley’s condemnation.

Racism by definition is a hatred or intolerance of another race, and the FA and now Ouseley’s comments levelled at Suarez have ironically met this criteria, the irony escalating to monumental levels since Ouseley has criticised Liverpool for hypocrisy. The blinkered and frankly pro-Manchester United handling of this entire event has overlooked the exerpt from the 115-page document where Evra made reference to Suarez’s sister’s “concha”, which is the equivalent in English to a lady’s private parts and the word rhymes with “shunt”, which when Marco Materazzi did so in the WC final of 2006, he got a suspension. But since Evra is a Man Utd player, this is obviously deemed acceptable.

But in summation to my point, Lord Ouseley has unfortunately shown what a complete and utter idiot he is by embarrassing himself by making asinine statements because he cannot differentiate between political correctness and racism (yet he leads a campaign which is supposed to eradicate this), let alone have any comprehension of camaraderie of a wronged party.

So no Lord Ouseley, Liverpool have nothing to be ashamed of and your comments are frankly idiotic and misguided. Know your role, shut your mouth, and get signal.

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