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Firefox Set Up Us The Bomb

by on Jun.12, 2013, under Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

Why change the windowed download status and replace it with this stupid fucking button?? Can you change it back like it used to be? Nope. Dicks.

It used to be the fact that previous versions of firefox, if you were downloading a file the download would run in the background, in a minimised window. You didn’t need the running window to be open. However during recently downloading a file, and accidentally closing the window, this new version of Firefox terminated the download. Why doesn’t it run in the background like it used to? It definitely did in previous versions! However THIS version (which currently is version 21) does not. I don’t mind if it never has done it before and my error would leave me purely irritated with myself, but to consciously having taken it out is just fucking ridiculous.

But this is the thing. If it isn’t broken, don’t fucking fix it. It’s not as if  Firefox asks you if you want to upgrade the browser version, it just does it itself, taking the option away from the user. I have always been a fan of Firefox, but now it’s put me off forever. Google Chrome isn’t brilliant, but its not evolving all the time so that I have to periodically re-teach myself how to use it, let alone fail to do what it previously did without explaining why they have taken away a useful feature. I mean come on I thought only Microsoft did that with the Office Suite when they decided to play musical chairs with the options and not tell you where to find it. But at least you can find it, Firefox has changed it’s look and function, and doesn’t give you any option to say “no I’d rather keep the version I know how to use”.

So Mozilla, I appreciate that this product is free, but don’t fuck with something which works. Fucking dicks. I’m downloading Google Chrome around about now. Fuck you Firefox, won’t be using you again. Even Internet Explorer never pissed me off this much.

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  • Gavin Coles

    Wow angry much.

    Now instead of having to click on your taskbar (if you are in Windows) or Alt-Tab’ing to the download window you can just click on the arrow.

    As for Google Chrome well things have moved/changed/been removed over time. Personally I dislike Chrome’s handling of downloads.

    There are many big changes coming to Firefox and maybe this is why they have altered the download methodology. Or maybe it takes less memory usage.

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