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David Cameron Set Up Us The Bomb

by on Feb.02, 2012, under Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb

Legalising and subsequently smoking a fish tank sized bowl of cannabis as a bong is the only rational explanation as to why David Cameron would want to maintain the “friendly” rivalry on the South Coast.

Everyone is right to say that politics have absolutely no place in football, and today’s grossly stupid thing I’ve read comes from our very own Prime Minister; David Cameron.

Yesterday in Prime Minister’s Question time the Pompey MP Penny Mordaunt brought the subject of the HMRC Winding Up order to the table and asked for the Prime Minister’s support. Mordaunt said:

“If a local supermarket closes down another quickly takes its place. If Portsmouth Football Club closes down, the Pompey fans will not be content with buying their season tickets from Southampton.

“Will the Prime Minister add his voice to mine in calling for HMRC to meet with the club so it recoups the taxes it’s owed, that our club survives and that the fans have their chance to become its owners?”

Considering that we are in a state of recession whereby people are suffering from REAL issues, saving an ailing football club is hardly high on the agenda now is it? It is disgusting that despite the ongoing issues with this country and how we’re trying to put things right, that Cameron can even contemplate “helping out” a club who has failed to pay it’s tax bill, something in any other circumstance he would be 100% behind shutting it down. Geographically, wouldn’t it be better to preserve the current police force if Portsmouth fans, upon the belated shutting down of the club either watch Havant & Waterlooville? Or even Brighton for that matter? Trust me, no Portsmouth fan would ever defect to Southampton. It’s like saying that a Liverpool fan would go support Manchester United. Shows how much Penny Mordaunt knows about football, precisely nothing. Cameron went on to reply:

“I will certainly do that. I think she is absolutely right to raise this issue. Knowing one or two Pompey fans I can completely understand.

“The idea that they can go and support Southampton is completely incredible. We must do everything we can to keep this friendly rivalry going.”

It’s asinine comments like this which have completely made this entire situation a mockery. Did the government help out Chester City when they were wound up? What about back in the early nineties when Aldershot were wound up? Or even what happened to Wimbledon in 2004? What the hell makes Portsmouth such a special case? It’s disgusting. Was she right to raise this issue? NO! Because it’s nothing to do with the current affairs of the country. Football is football and politics should stay the hell out, unless you think that Silvio Berlusconi’s involvement in football was a good one.

Probably the most important point of all is that having known hundreds of Southampton fans, do they want people from Portsmouth supporting Southampton? HELL NO. The amount of abuse and general arrests under Section 5 of The Public Order act from Portsmouth fans do you seriously want to entertain the fan that you would let these animals in the home section of St Marys?

Cameron clearly doesn’t live anywhere near the South Coast, because if he did he wouldn’t have referred to it as a “friendly” rivalry for a start. I mean come on, that’s a seriously bad choice of words at the best of times. Would you describe the Tsunami that hit Phuket as friendly? What about reports of people caught in a burning building from a friendly inferno? And lets not forget how friendly the Spanish Inquisition were. What a stupid thing to say! want to save THIS??

David Cameron is completely out of line saying what he did and to even raise it as an issue is a complete waste of time even in the House of Commons. But the untertones of what Cameron is suggesting is pretty much the same stance which they took with RBS, and as a tax payer, I am extremely unhappy to have my tax dollars squandered on trying to save a football club which constantly disgraces the football league with it’s odious prescence and multitude of awful fans. Furthermore this is the umpteenth time the club has failed to pay it’s taxes and any other company would have been shut down by now.

As someone who voted for David Cameron last general election I am disgusted that the person I voted into power has chosen to use some of his powers in the endeavour of saving Portsmouth football club, I can assure you that from this point forth, I will never vote for David Cameron again. (Boris Johnson maybe, purely because he chose his words much more carefully, when he described Portsmouth as a city ‘full of drugs, obesity and under-achievement’. Spot on Boris.)

And just out of interest, now that Portsmouth have had their assets frozen, why have they STILL not had ten points deducted?

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  • Whyte Rabit

    Also, why the hell should they have to support Southampton? That’s like saying if I was banned from living in Manchester, the next closest place I could possibly reside is Bristol? There are plenty of clubs closer to Portsmouth than Southampton, or are the Pompey fans so shallow that they could only support a team with a Premiership sized stadium?

    Here you go Portsmouth fans, some alternate suggestions for you:

    Porchester FC:

    Gosport Borough FC:

    Havant & Waterlooville FC:

    Hayling United FC:

    There are probably more…

  • Tenuous Rose

    So he would defend Pompey FC to the HMRC, and yet the government happily watched mg/rover go into administration. The first major casualty of the recession and a big sliding point into unemployment especially as the plant was in an area which relied on mg/rover for jobs, and the feeder suppliers which relied on their parts being integrated at the plant. The knock on effect was a lot more detremental to the welfare of the state than the loss of a football club.

    A football club who, let’s face it, are in debt for not paying taxes to HMRC. I’m pretty sure that if I managed to have £1.6m in unpaid taxes I would be put in jail for a long time even if an MP preferred my company to that of my neighbours.

    Why can’t Pompey FC take after Wimbledon and move 150 miles north and change their name….

  • Synyster Graves

    And Havant & Waterlooville nearly knocked us (Liverpool) out of the FA cup a few years ago! We were 1-0 and 2-1 down at some points!

    One more thing Rabit, Portsmouth DON’T have a Premiership sized stadium! Most Premiership stadiums have 20,000+ which Pompey do not. Plus lets not forget it was Pompey’s own mis-management which got them in this pickle in the first place. I think it was called “buying an FA Cup”. During this period managed by Harry Redknapp, who is currently in court. Cameron will probably want to help him too at this rate, seeing that we like helping criminals in this country.

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