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Vampire: Master of Darkness (1992)

by on Oct.19, 2020, under RetroLOLs

Master of Darkness, called Vampire: Master of Darkness in North America and In the Wake of Vampire (イン ザ ウエイク オブ ヴァンパイア) in Japan, is a sidescrolling action game in the same vein as Castlevania, but on the Sega system. You play as Dr. Social who must traverse across Victorian England in order to find and defeat Dracula, fighting various monsters along the way.

Now growing up with Sega, I always lamented the fact that I missed out on the Castlevania games as a kid, but this was on the Master System the whole time and I had no idea! It’s a decent game but usual collision detection annoyances blight the game a bit and the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly by the second level!

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