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Two Crude Dudes (1991)

by on Nov.15, 2010, under RetroLOLs

RetroLOLs regulars Liam and Matty play #TwoCrudeDudes on the #SEGAMegaDrive

Two Crude Dudes, also known as #CrudeBuster in Japan, is a 1991 beat ’em up in the same mould as Streets of Rage game developed and published by Data East. The game was later ported to the Sega Mega Drive in 1992. Outside Japan, the port was released under the name Two Crude Dudes, which is what we’re playing.

In the game, players control one of two mercenaries hired by the American government to stop the terrorist group “Big Valley”.

We’re playing the 1992 #SEGAMegaDrive version here, first recorded 14/11/2010 but remastered in 2019.

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