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The Lawnmower Man (1993)

by on Aug.25, 2020, under RetroLOLs

Lawnmower Man, based on the 1993 movie of the same name is a VR Shooter/side scrolling shooter made by Time Warner Interactive. Dr. Lawrence Angelo is a scientist working for Virtual Space Industries (VSI) in “Project 5”, a secret research facility that attempts to increase the intelligence of primates using psychotropic drugs and virtual reality (VR) training. Dr. Angelo is reluctant to use the research for military purposes, and after one of the chimps escapes and shoots a guard, Dr. Angelo is given a forced vacation. While taking notes on the need for experiment with a human subject, he discovers Jobe Smith, a man with an intellectual disability who makes his living by doing odd jobs such as mowing the grass. Angelo takes in Jobe, subjecting him to VR treatment. The first experiments quickly increase Jobe’s intelligence, but after an accident, Dr. Angelo stops the experiments. The Shop, a secret agency overseeing Project 5, reinserts the drugs responsible for Jobe’s violent behavior into the program and speeds up the treatment. As Jobe develops telekinetic powers, he starts to take revenge on those who abused him before he began the treatments, and plots to take over all of the computers in the world.

This game I did not have high hopes for as the film was a confusing disappointment, however what I was not ready for was how truly awful this game turned out to be!

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