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TazMania (1992)

by on Aug.13, 2020, under RetroLOLs

Tazmania was a 2D platform game for the Sega Master System, released in 1992. The plot of the game was actually a twist on the usual “Save the World” story setting for many platform/adventure games. One evening, Hugh Tazmanian Devil was telling his three children (Taz, his sister Molly and his brother Jake) an intriguing tale: Once there were huge giant seabirds that laid giant eggs which could feed a family of Tazmanian devils for over a year. There are also legends that somewhere along the island of Tasmania, there is a Lost Valley, where the giant seabirds still nest. Taz becomes fascinated by the prospect of the potentially large omelet and leaves in search for one of those giant eggs. Thus, the player must direct Taz across various stages in search for the Lost Valley and its Giant Bird.

I played this game a lot as a kid and this week I seem to be focusing on games I remember fondly growing up. But as usual platform games aren’t exactly my best friend and there was a hell of a lot of falling of ledges and mis-controlling Taz’s spinning attack!

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