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Dinosaurs For Hire (1993)

by on Jul.10, 2012, under Dinosaurs, RetroLOLs

Dan and I take on this little known game called Dinosaurs For Hire. I’d never heard of this and found the cartridge online and decided to give it a go. It’s not great! We first filmed this in 2012, remastered now for YouTube.

#DinosaursForHire is a run and gun game published by #Sega and developed by Malibu Interactive for the Sega #MegaDrive. The game features Archie, Lorenzo and Reese as the main playable characters while Cyrano shows up from time to time to give mission briefings but is not playable (although preliminary screen shots showed Cyrano initially being available as a playable character). They must use their skills and expertise to perform risky missions for the people that hired them. The game features similar humor to the comic, such as the initial ‘psych-out’ opening for the game and the preponderance of ninjas as enemies. The game plays similar to Contra made by Konami.

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