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Batman Returns (1992)

by on Aug.16, 2020, under RetroLOLs

Batman Returns is a side-scrolling action game based on the movie of the same name, and I am playing this on the Sega Master System. I don’t really remember the film that much but you’re playing Batman attempting to thwart The Penguin (and Catwoman I think?). Anyways I didn’t get too far in it as it’s really hard and the game is actually quite frustrating although I fear I was probably being cack!

Also of late as I know a certain toxic member of the YT community just perpetually keeps disliking my videos on purpose, let me give you a reason to dislike this. At least this isn’t as boring as forcing people to watch a 5 hour playlist on Batman where your commentary is vacant and painfully boring. I know it’s you, and you need to get a life.

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