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Biohazardous Toxicity

by on Jan.08, 2022, under True Stories

I would like to set the record straight here. I never said I am “anti-BLM” I said I do not throw my support against it as I was racially assaulted by someone of that ethnicity. Sadly only one part of that statement was used in a smear campaign against myself and I would like the set the record straight.

2021 overall was not a terrible year, I’d managed to grow as a content creator on YouTube and on Twitch, and after the failings of the two previous Discord communities I’d been heavily involved in, it was time to start afresh community wise and be more wary for the mistakes previously made with people’s bizarre attitudes on the platform.

The problem with Twitch is that you can grow fast, if you’re lucky you can balloon overnight, whilst still being aware of this sub-for-sub culture that seems to exist. The other main problem is that it has the capacity to turn a seemingly normal person into an insufferable narcissist. The allure of feeling like you’re some kind of “influencer” is incredibly seductive to many and leads people to exhibit unacceptable behaviour even if it not normally in their nature. The year 2021 was bookended by two events, similar in nature with equally devastating consequences.

The first run in was with an American streamer, we’d started off at a similar time and while their content was very different to mine, we’d help each other grow on the platform. But over time it was obvious that they’d see me and my friends as some kind of threat, as their arrogance grew and self-importance seemed to escalate beyond astronomically and before long he was passive aggressive and manipulative, after I myself had foolishly lavished many gifted subs and bits in their direction to encourage them. It was something we liked to call “Chaotic support” and it was fun for a while. Little did I know I was feeding the beast. In the space of a few months, my generosity became expected, and me not willing to throw money their way resulted in a sense of disdain towards myself, culminating into a complete fracture of our friend circle, with him forcing people to take his side and hatred towards all those who could see how he was consumed by his own arrogance.

One of my many championship wins on stream!

This was very apparent how he could not handle everything being about him. We’d streamed Gang Beasts together for our friend’s anniversary of their mum passing and while I won two championships and dedicated the win to her, you can see in his face how he couldn’t handle getting completely destroyed at a game he was hosting. When he eventually won the last championship, he claimed only that one counted, discrediting the rest of us who gave our time to join his stream. It was like playing with a spoiled child, just pathetic how he had an on-stream fit that he wasn’t winning. That’s the nature of fighting games, you win some, and you lose some. But when you turn shitty when you do lose, that says more about your character rather than your ability to play games. And let’s be honest, he wasn’t particularly good at that game anyways. Cowering in a corner, letting everyone else eliminate each other is a tactic sure, but not when you’re giving it the large one, professing how you’re the greatest. It’s just a surefire indicator of someone who is desperately immature and insecure.

I won several championships that stream, but none of them “counted”. Pathetic.

He felt the friends who’d help catapult to this point were now holding him back and as a last roll of the dice to discredit me, started spreading falsehoods about myself, portraying me as some kind of racist. All the allegations were wholly untrue but in the current climate of the world when everyone is hyperfixated on racism, this sadly seemed to brainwash many friends into becoming hostile towards me. It was his attempt to discredit me as quickly as possible as when we were friends, his lecherous advances on the girls in our friend group was known to me and while I advised him this was unsavory, suddenly not having me in his corner made me a threat. He’d revealed to me that he’d been showing pictures of the girls to real life friends, intimating that they were almost under his thrall, portraying himself as some kind of lothario. We went our separate ways but the bullying and abuse on social media continued. I chose not to engage as it was not worth my time, the best thing to do was to make him irrelevant and that’s what I did.

In the aftermath, he sent people from his community to verbally and racially abuse me, passive aggressive posts on social media and continued to try and turn friends against me. His actions were deplorable as he’d turned a personal story and extracted certain details to try and make me out as a racist. And sadly for some people it worked. The friends who genuinely listened to me heard the truth and stuck by me. But this was my first encounter with how people are so self-absorbed in the Twitch life that they will wield the tiny semblance of influence they think they have to convince themselves that they are someone important. It sickens me how Twitch and the prospect of money can turn a seemingly ordinary person into such a bitter and malicious c**t.

The sad thing is, if you follow a creator and get sucked into his community and propaganda, is that how you want to spend their time? Especially if they are using Twitch to talk to underage girls? Follow who you want, I for one will not spend my time watching a nonce plays games badly. If you want to give money to a paedophile, then that is on you.

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