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Rebooting using a car boot

by on Oct.19, 2011, under True Stories

What the one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen? Well there’s a quite a few. But for me one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is watching my friend’s dad reverse into a desktop PC with his 2 litre estate. Yes you heard me correctly, he shunted a desktop PC backwards, by putting his car in reverse, and slamming into the side it.

I watched as I saw the now sideways desktop slide across the tarmac a good few feet as the audible grinding of brakes were heard echoing out and the grim realisation that the computer desktop had just been launched backwards under the force of a car weighing just over a metric ton.

I don’t know if his justification of blaming me for this incident was fair, because HE put the computer behind HIS car, or the fact that I stood there and started laughing. Well either way the outside container of the CPU now had large and deep striations where the concrete had engouged two two carved tangents in the exterior of the machine. Now knowing in depth the interior of a machine (this is going back quite a few years so an IDE motherboard era), you know that merely knocking the machine with your knee can unseat components or cause something to fail. Well this machien took a wallop from a moving vehicle, and yet it still worked!

I think the thing that turned it from funny to hilarious was the almost pathetic attempt to rectify the mistake, in this instance trying to smooth out the scratches on the outside lid by spitting on a handkerchief and running furiously. Obviously this plan is flawed from the beginning, unless I’m mistaken and a cotton handkerchief has hidden abrasive qualities like pumice or even acidically corrosive properties to smooth down the sharp edges. Fail.

I think the weirdest thing is that the PC still actually turned on after it’s brutal ordeal! Obviously wasn’t made by Tiny then! For many moons I wondered why he was so pissed off that I found it funny that he’d almost reversed over a PC, and then I realised that the PC wasn’t his!

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