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This is Halloween…

by on Oct.28, 2010, under Angry Rants

As you can probably tell I’m quite the fan of Halloween (unless you really are clueless or had a lobotomy) and year after year I see a degradation of the excitement and festivities. Of course supermarkets put on possible half an aisle of merchandise but it’s always aimed at child’s parties and the costumes are child sizes. Some adults love Halloween too y’know? Everyone makes such a huge bloody fuss over Christmas, Easter and even Valentine’s Day, but never for Halloween. Even in America (Yes I’m praising America!) they make a bit of a fuss regardless of age. And lets face it, the only thing that ever happened on Valentine’s Day was the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Maybe its a tarnishment on today’s society that certainly chavs in this country see it as an opportunity for crime as I’ve seen it several times where a bunch of kids in Halloween-esque masks will rob some items out of a shop. You could argue that security should be more vigilant as a result but I still maintain that these little shits shouldn’t abuse Halloween because it’s acts like this that ruin any kind of celebration. And it’s this fact that really pisses me off.

The other thing with this awful generation of kids is that they totally don’t take Halloween with the right attitude when they’re trick or treating even. Long gone have the days of a knock on the door to be greeted by spooky costumes and a “trick or treat!”. Now it’s a some hoodied prick holding out their hand like they’re in some kind of dole office and says “gimme some sweets you cunt”. And for the “trick” part of it, they don’t toilet paper your house anymore no, it’s more along the vein of pissing through your letterbox and covering your car in eggs.

It saddens me that Halloween has been abused by todays kids and I will remain a spirited survivor of the true spirit of Halloween being what it should be, a celebration of the Dead. I don’t care if it also coincides with the pagan new year Samhain but nevertheless the spirit should never falter as it carries way more merit that Valentine’s Day. Some people in their lives may never find love, but you can guarantee they will find death. And on that cheery thought, I’m going to go!

Happy Halloween everybody!

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