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Planet of the Dinosaurs

by on Oct.12, 2011, under Dinosaurs, Theories and Science

Something interesting popped into my head the other day. If you contemplate the universe as an ever growing expanse with billions upon billions of stars and planets, the theories of life on other planets for me refuses to believe that it can’t exist.

But consider this. The chain of events which led to life evolving here on planet earth statistically is one in a billion or thereabouts I have heard some statistics suggest. So considering that there billions of planets out there in galaxies far far away. And lets say that the temperatures, and conditions on this far away planet are the same as planet Earth. The evolutionary chain is the same as each different event which affected the Earth occurs, all except one, which is the meteor which struck Earth at the end of Cretaceous period. On Earth it killed the dinosaurs, but if that never happened, this parallel planet the dinosaurs survive.

As with all evolution, the dinosaurs as we call them, will adapt to thrive in the conditions which could happen to the planet. But this is just a theory. Maybe this planet’s origins are 95 million years behind Earth’s history and right now on this parallel planetary twin there could be dinosaurs roaming the skies, land and seas right now as we speak. What a fantastic thing to be possible. Somewhere out there in the Universe, Tyrannosaurus Rex is roaming supreme.

Yes this is a very remote possiblity, but so was the origin of life on this planet. And while it is 1 / 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance of being true, that’s still a possiblity. Impossible means that it would have zero chance of occuring, which is not the case.

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