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Subscribers vs. content

by on Apr.13, 2020, under Angry Rants

Despite working in IT, I still don’t think I understand the internet. I mean I’ve been very active on my YouTube channel and I have managed to amass 30 subscribers (thank you if you’re one of them) and definitely since lockdown, I’ve been busy creating and uploading more content. It’s kind of a hobby for me and to be honest, my channel is for me, because I like doing it.


But I did come across something on my twitter feed just now and while I don’t let the quantity of subs annoy me, this has annoyed me. I’ll show you why.

So a guy who has NO CONTENT, has 306 subscribers? But no videos?! Subscribing to what? I’d imagine some bloke talking about himself or about his six pack, otherwise why else would he put such a vain picture of himself up. I guess my channel is a little more niche but I just don’t understand

I guess I was half expecting even a couple more subs over this lockdown period, but perhaps instead of making videos, I should have spent more time taking photos of my gut and more people would take an interest!

I don’t understand the internet. Let me guess, his first vid will be a giveaway, because nowadays the only way you have people take notice of you is bribery.

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