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SchoolFeed would also like permission to post on your behalf

by on Oct.16, 2012, under IT Support

Technically speaking this isn’t really any kind of technical support, but what it does do in the aforementioned title is set off my inherent spider sense over being vigilant on the internet. Ever since the inevitable increase and popularity of the smartphone, be it either an iPhone, Samsung or HTC, Facebook’s natural “evolution” into thinking it’s on the same wavelength by using “apps” on your page is about as accurate as using tomatoes on a fruit salad. Yeah it’s a fruit, but I wouldn’t choose to amalgamate it with my strawberries.

But I digress from my point here as I would like to comment on the ever growing notification I seem to have smeared on my wall with ever growing frequency that this “SchoolFeed” app. A few people who did have the misfortune of attending school with me have recently dumped a shortcut of this tripe on my wall, at which this point grabbed my curiosity enough to see what all this fuss was about. As a standard piece of internet protocol, Facebook then diligently asks you if you will allow SchoolFeed’s app to what the hell it wants:

Naturally I declined for SchoolFeed to post on my behalf. What an utterly ridiculous question to ask someone! What next? Sign cheques on my behalf? Make charitable donations on my behalf to the Afflicted Donkeys of the Rainforest Appeal? What is this? Power of attorney? Of course I’m not letting some faceless “app” be allowed to spam other people on my friends list. “No” the answer was from me, to which the subsequent page appears:

Hang on a second, two nanoseconds ago you just asked me if I was going to allow this stupid app to post on my behalf and now you’re saying you won’t? Oh come on SchoolFeed, unless I have the dire misfortune of having an attention span shorter than a goldfish with ADHD I severely doubt I’m going to allow this the necessary permissions. It’s the equivalent of having every single rat-bitten user have “Full Control” NTFS permissions on a public computer containing important information, or to you non-computer nerds, leaving your front door wide open to display your salubrious gemstone collection. You just wouldn’t.

I don’t know if this seems to be one of the most virulent spam campaigns to get people’s details with permission to blanket spam more people than the entire domain does with Xbox Live, but this seems a bit off to me asking you for permission to do what it wants with your profile, but when you don’t allow it, it has a small paddy and promises not to do anything bad. Call me cautious, but this sounds like total tripe and I’d urge every other facebook user to be a more vigilant before letting all these “apps” have their wicked way with your profile. I don’t think anything should be able to post on your behalf, unless you’ve actually had a lobotomy.

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