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by on Dec.21, 2021, under Angry Rants

Imagine meeting someone for the first time on Twitter,
Imagine telling them that you want to give Twitch a go,
Imagine they told you they would help you,
Imagine they were there on your first stream,
Imagine they brought you into a community where you knew no one but they welcomed you,
Imagine they made you one of their own,
Imagine they encouraged you to join in with video chats to hang out with and be social,
Imagine that they were one of the first people to subscribe to you when you hit Twitch affiliate,
Imagine that they gave you home to grow your own community at the heart of their community ,
Imagine they they continued to support you regardless of what you were playing,
Imagine that you worked together with them on a series of collaborations,
Imagine you shared many jokes with them,
Imagine that they subscribed to you all year,
Imagine that they brought a few homages to you in their own stream because you were friends,
Imagine that they gave you loads of gifted subs and bits to celebrate being affiliated for a whole year.

Imagine then that you wanted them out of the way,
Imagine that you only went to their streams in the dire hope of catching them out,
Imagine that you manipulated a situation to try and portray them as a bad person,
Imagine that you verbally abused them off stream even though you didn’t understand all of the facts,
Imagine you then pretended to be the victim of the situation,
Imagine that you didn’t listen to what they had to say,
Imagine you then ditched them from all media,
Imagine you then blocked them.

Imagine if this was true.

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