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Slagging off colleagues on social media… when you’re at work… when they’re on your friends list

by on Nov.22, 2013, under Angry Rants

Social media is the tool of the devil isn’t it? Even more so when you lack the intelligence to make derisory comments about your work colleagues, during work hours. Well anyways a colleague and myself we just having a conversation, not even to the woman in question when she decides to put this up on Facebook:

Now as innocuous this may seem at first, this woman does nothing at work except for complain at how busy she is. She’s only on maternity cover yet she seems to take 3 times as long as the previous girl to do anything. Furthermore, we weren’t even talking to her! She butted in on the conversation.

So what was the conversation then? All I said was that it’s ironic that Christians have Christmas trees, since the tradition is in fact a Roman one (Saturnalia involved bringing in the greenery in the house at this time of year) and the Romans executed Jesus Christ, of whom Christmas is a celebration of his birth. That’s all. Nothing too random. In fact it’s quite intelligent, and hardly completely off topic since it;s approaching Christmas. However some of the peasants on her friends list deem it necessary to want to kill myself and my colleague all because she was too stupid to understand our conversation. We work in an IT department, it’s hardly completely off tangent to have the odd random conversation. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but posting on Facebook, during work hours when you’re supposed to be working is a bit rich. Ironically she chats bollocks more than myself and my colleague do so not only is she a lazy twat, she’s a hypocritical lazy twat. The worst kind.



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