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Choose your side to fight on

by on May.20, 2022, under Angry Rants

In fighting games, people always seem to favour fighting from left to right, its just the way that player one obviously comes first and since over here we read from left to right, it makes sense, right? Tekken at least gives you the choice when you register your fighter, so even if you were the proverbial “player two”, from your perspective you’d still be fighting from left to right at the start. I personally always pick the left but the orientation doesn’t bother me.

Are you a left sided fighter or a right sided one?

Moves with directional inputs are reversed when you go from right to left but again, fighting games are about adaptability, for example Bryan Fury’s launching kick is Down, Down/Back, Back and B (on Xbox) so in the context of positioning, that’s Down, Down/Left, Left if you’re fighting from left to right, but Down, Down/Right, Right; if you’re fighting from right to left. Confused? I’m not. It’s why I think a lot of moves lists write “away” and “towards” on them to avoid the confusion. Same goes for Ryu’s fireball in Street Fighter games, switching sides shouldn’t make a difference when you’re in the heat of battle, you should be able to adapt and therefore obstinately sticking to a side through hell or high water shouldn’t be an issue? This is simple because it’s black and white, with 3D fighters like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, you have the whole sidestep mechanic which throws a lot of this theory into a cocked hat anyways. Lots of juggle combos have the sidestep in them so luckily the muscle memory kicks in and you adapt very quickly to the situation.

Who doesn’t love a juggle combo? It’s all muscle memory now

I get that with the Shoryuken input, that is trickier for me going from right to left, but half crescents are ok for me. King of Fighters games with the half crescent back and crescent forward input like Mai Shiranui’s super is trickier too, but again, practice and adapt! This is where I like Tekken, there’s not to many half crescents, it’s more about timing of button inputs for juggles rather than the movement inputs. It’s only recently I have developed a full flavour of the juggle combo, as evident in my one and only ranked win on Tekken 7 with Asuka!

Yeah, I actually won a ranked match!

Real life however is a different story. It is perfectly acceptable to remain impartial when two sides have a differing perspective. However claiming impartiality when empirical witnessed behaviours suggest otherwise. While the anonymous abuse has died down a bit of late, probably because I’ve called it out and the pack of bullies have retreated proclaiming their innocence, and yet still continue to use pack mentality to hound people like myself and my friends out of their immediate space (yes other friends have shown me their litanies of abuse DM’ed to them), other mutual friends who claim to be “neutral” have now started to ignore me publicly when I have tried to remain civil. It is obvious I’ve been soft blocked by many and that is ok, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but even to this day, not asking me for my side of the story, yet willingly entertain the lies of the majority alludes to a willingness to be popular over doing the right thing.

Yes, that “1st” badge on your Twitch from me was because I believed in you, and sadly some people could not pay me the same courtesy but even entertaining that notion that perhaps a pack of egomaniacs; rife with an agenda could actually be wrong about me, and choosing to do the popular thing over the right thing is not on me. I for one would not throw my support behind people who behave so deplorably but popularity is more important than morality for some. Pretending I don’t exist isn’t staying impartial, it’s quite the opposite.

I struggle to watch one of my best friend’s streams as the pack are in there to constantly try and recruit him. Literally I turn up and they call for reinforcements

I never encouraged people to choose sides. When what happened did happen, I backed away. I let people run their mouth and I witnessed almost in slow motion how people allowed falsehoods and lies about me to be circulated like a cheap newspaper. I never once told my friends to drop those who sent abuse to me on DMs, I never once forced people to react badly towards any of them. I let people work things out by themselves, which is the entire crux of this issue which has rolled on for months now. I never tried to influence anyone, I let people arrive at their conclusion by themselves, not push an agenda on everyone, and yet the very thing I have been accused of; is the very thing that they have done. The irony. So if you do want to follow a pack of narcissistic liars and frauds because you think it gains you popularity then go right ahead. I have remained civil throughout, only choosing to express my feelings when being kicked on the floor had gotten to the point it was too much and I needed to vent, as a one sided fight isn’t really a fight, it’s a beat down. If you continue to be fooled by these charlatans, frauds and moral-less idiots who have zero life responsibility, that is not on me. As in my previous post, I’ve blocked the bullies, I don’t care what they say even though my chat feeds are filled with “user blocked” in purple, I’d rather see that than whatever poisonous bile is regurgitated from so called streamers who end up meeting to lie on their back and spread their legs with their watchers just in order to maintain their loyalty; or in this example a fucking webcam! Can’t put a price on dignity it seems!

But what this boils down to is one of the streamers calling my friend on a discord call demanding to know “why they haven’t taken their side”. Some people have tried to remain impartial but this is evidence that the other side’s recruitment attitude is still rife.

I’m not asking you to choose sides, but the side you have chosen, have you made the right choice? If you want to be impartial, take no sides. As I’ve said, Tekken is saving my life, and continues to do so. The pack of bullies will always be bullies, they’ve shown their true colours as they cannot extort anything out of me anymore, you siding with them, they’ll do the same to you too.

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