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Brendan Rodgers… just started playing Football Manager on the PC?

by on Aug.07, 2012, under Angry Rants

Since the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool manager, a huge part of me has said to get behind him, although I made the same mistake with Roy Hodgson (who in fairness did well with England) and it ended badly as a Liverpool fan. Now clearly we can only attract managers who can save clubs from relegation, which came down to Rodgers and Roberto Martinez of Wigan. Now that Brendan has had the reins all we have heard is about his footballing philosophy and all this “tiki-taka” shite. Suffice to say I found it a bit farfetched when I heard some people likening Swansea to Barcelona….that’s like likening Bolton to Borussia Dortmund, or Portsmouth to a football team. I gave Roy and chance, and so I should still give Brendan. All this passing play which he’s going to put into his system, that’ll suit returning players on loan like Alberto Aquilani, so this HAS to be good thing. Right? Well all this pomp and circumstance has turned out to be complete horseshit, because the first thing he does is sell Aquilani to Fiorentina. In him was a player who I thought would have a) fit into this fucking “system” which I keep hearing about, and b) would finally have his chance in the team, so Brendan ships him off. Brilliant. Not.

And then I come onto the Sky Sports website and see this:

Firstly, Brendan said he would not buy any Swansea players for 12-months, and should fucking stick to it, because I don’t want anyone at Swansea to come to Liverpool. Secondly Joe Allen is NOT WORTH TWENTY FUCKING MILLION. What fucking planet are you on when a player who is unknown at the start of last season suddenly is worth more than what Barcelona paid for Jordi Alba? We spent about £16m on Jordan Henderson and look how that turned out, he’s useless. It’s more bullshit cronyism from Rodgers and frankly it’s shit. Secondly, why sell two of our best players? Are you trying to fuck us up? I don’t think so, but it looks like that, which leads me to think that in Brendan’s head, he’s just playing Football Manager 2011/12 on the PC.

Think about it.Does he care for the fans of the club by constantly unsettling our own players like Andy Carroll, Daniel Agger and now Craig Bellamy? Shipping them off so he can bring in crap and overrated players from his former club? I was unsure about him when he first signed and every day I read a story which is making me increasingly worried about my club, and how Brendan is pulling it apart brick by brick.

He’s not coming out and saying our best players are not for sale and we need a strong leader. He’s already let Aquilani go, and considering his style of play and this “system”, well if an Italian international playmaker doesn’t fit in the “system”, then some overrated welsh player isn’t going to either.

But what do noobs do when they don’t know what they’re doing? Cart off the whole team and bring in their own, and pay over the odds for players they’ve heard of, instead of actually using the scouting network available to them. There are better players out there than the ones just at Swansea and we’re wasting time since the new season starts in two weeks and all we’ve bolstered the ranks with is Fabio Borini.

Brendan should stop treating the club like he’s casually playing Footie Manager and get on with it properly. Look around at players who aren’t at Swansea and subsequently try and improve the squad, not bring on this firesale and turn us into a selling club.

I am fucking fed up hearing of this fucking “philosophy”, he just chooses to harp on about instead of bring in decent signing for decent money. Instead he’s unsettled most of our best players, specifically Andy Carroll, of whom I believe he’s treated like shit, and wants to pay over the odds for overrated midfielders, of whom we have a glut of in the likes of Gerrard, Lucas, Cole, Adam, Henderson, Spearing, Shelvey, so we don’t need Joe Allen, certainly not for £20million. Even Nigel Adkins at newly promoted Southampton has made some good signings in Nathaniel Clyne, Jay Rodriguez, Steven Davis and Paulo Gazzaniga. Chelsea also let Salomon Kalou and Jose Bosingwa go on a free transfer so why couldn#t we have snapped them up? Kalou in particular would have solved our lack of wingers since he let Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez go. So what’s Brendan doing then? Brought in Borini and potentially Allen, two players who he had in the Championship, to a club who won the Champions League 8 seasons ago. It’s fucked up.

Not massively impressed by Brendan so far… lets hope I’m wrong about him

I really hope I’m wrong. But if it was me taking the reins, it would be keeping Daniel Agger, Andy Carroll and Craig Bellamy. He have a decent team, but Brendan is strengthening in the completely the wrong areas just so he can bring his mates in. He was not even in my top twenty list of successor to Kenny Dalglish, mainly because I distinctly remember Brendan nearly getting Reading, who are now Premiership, RELEGATED within the 9 months he was there, taking them from promotion chasers to nearly League One. Has everyone glossed over the fact that Swansea massively overachieved last year? The fact that Kenny Dalglish’s win % record was so much better than Brendan’s makes me rather nervous, because under Brendan Rodgers, I can see Liverpool struggle to break into the top half of the table. I really hope I’m wrong. If the rumours of bringing in Theo Walcott and possibly Nuri Sahin on loan from Real Madrid come to fruition, then I will be pleased to be wrong. I really want to get behind him and the team, but I don’t like the way our best players like Agger, Carroll and Bellamy are being allowed to leave on the cheap.

You’ll never walk alone, but letting all our players go and replacing them with Swansea ones will change that.

Here’s a prediction though, I’m saying today, the 7th August 2012, that Swansea City will finish BELOW newly promoted Reading AND Southampton. They are not the fucking Barcelona of England, they just grossly overachieved last season and I reckon they will finish beneath the two best teams in last year’s Coca-Cola Championship. Granted they’re not nearly as arrogant as West Ham, they’re not Barcelona.

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