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Streets of Rage 4 – First Single Player Playthrough

by on May.02, 2020, under Xbox Captures

Finally it’s here, the game i’ve been waiting about 26 years for a sequel of, #StreetsOfRage4

As a huge fan of this series I have eagerly been anticipating playing this but I can’t help but notice how difficult I’m finding it. For someone who grew up playing this series to death, I really appreciated the similarities in gameplay with the classic games. However, I did notice that taking certain elements away which were present in 2 and 3, makes this game way too difficult.

I’m playing through here on Easy, as I’m not trying to prove how good I am, I’m just trying to show you how an experienced player at SoR, I found this game relatively unbalanced and over halfway through, a chore. It wasn’t the enjoyable reunion I was desperate to play. But here it is, a longplay video from start to finish.

Edit: since the recording of this, I have actually played it in multiplayer and the experience is totally different!

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