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Modern Warfare 3 Dead Soldier Glitch

by on Nov.15, 2011, under What Were They Thinking?

Last night I was playing my shiny new copy of MW3 on campaign. When I booted the game up a bug must have reared its, more ‘funny’ than ‘ugly’, head. Soldiers all around me started dying in funny poses, and being as childish as I am, I found this rather amusing. Amusing enough to take some pics to share with the world. All the soldiers you see below are dead and these are the positions they’ve died in… most defying gravity in pretty funny poses. I was holding out for an upside-down dead guy but even with the use of many grenades and enemies flying through the air, alas, no such luck.

You’d think with a budget as high as they have, they’d have ironed out small bugs like this?

Click on any of the pics for a slightly larger version.

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