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LOL He Fell Over Funny….Dead Island Glitches

by on Aug.01, 2012, under What Were They Thinking?

Clipping errors are funny. Well I think they are. In my experience it’s the games with the more advanced physics engines which seem to have the funniest glitches. For me it all started with Half Life 2 having made the transition from 2D sprites to a 3D environment via a very good physics engine for more realistic gameplay. We’ve already covered Modern Warfare 3 and Saints Row: The Third in terms of funny, posthumous glitches, and now it’s the turn of Dead Island….which could easily be renamed “Don’t Zombies Do The Funniest Things”

Dynamo the magician’s trick of leaning back and defying gravity, zombies also tend to do that once you’ve bashed them around the head with a hammer:

And even sometimes manage to get stuck in solid objects to do a bit of planking:


You know the phrase “being without a leg to stand on”? Well what if that was the only thing standing….

…or just raising your hand to ask a question…

Plants are also hazardous, especially if you trip and fall backwards on an impaling bush…

Nikolai wasn’t very happy that I accidently threw a molotov in his bunker, especially when it charred his entire body making him look more like Riddick…

All because I fancied playing a bit of Molotov Jenga…



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