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Panorama in research fail shocker…

by on Dec.11, 2010, under Games vs "Science"

Panorama are at it again. It wasn’t enough that they decided to hamper our favour to FIFA delegates the same week that a decision to vote for the World Cup by showing a condemnation of FIFA. Even if it was true, couldn’t they at least wait until the vote had taken place, that way we could solely blame FIFA instead of look at how our own media in this country shot us in the foot. Well anyways they have shown how more “investigative journalism” has proven to be complete bollocks again by attacking gamers as usual.

It just seems to be every few months that some journalistic approach materialises slagging off video games because, like making fun of fat kids with glasses in the playground, it’s an easy target. And you don’t get more viewed than journalistic bullshit on the BBC.

The thing that severely fucks me off with these programs is that all the people they interview say exactly what the program wants you to hear, more scaremongering because they’ve decided that everyone must think exactly the same and attempt to strike fear into anyone who is stupid enough to lap it up like the milk from an anorexic kitten’s feeding tub. It’s almost as if they find these halfwits and pay them to say what the program is trying to frighten the viewers, regardless if it is true or not. In this case, not true at all. The real impact that games have on 99.999% of the population isn’t taken into consideration at all, and that’s what makes this program a complete pile of shit.

The first guy they showed was some fat pillock who played for about 12 hours a day. Yeah ok I’m not THAT bad but nevertheless I’ve been known to spend whole Saturdays on the Xbox before. That’s not so unusual. What is the major difference is I do actually have a sense of hygiene and responsibility so showing just one fucking idiot doesn’t mean that the rest of us are idiots does it? I really hate their choice of footage they show because it’s ALWAYS the exact point when someone gets shot or dies. Ignorant parents will see that and think that the sole point of video games, not just the one depicted, just show constant scenes of murder. Seeing that they neglect to show the actual tactics and cognitive calculation required everyone just thinks that every game you buy off the shelves is essentially Columbine.

World of Warcraft: Addictive? Possibly. But it's hardly cocaine is it?

The next guy they’ve plucked out from the masses is another total moron who spends about 12 hours a day playing World of Warcraft. Now again to reiterate, I’ve probably played about 12 hours in one day in a few occasions but it certainly wouldn’t be on a game like WoW. But again to my dismay, he’s saying EXACTLY the point that Panorama are trying to portray. Why don’t they interview someone like me huh? Someone who plays a lot but doesn’t have some kind of “problem” like they’re trying to say. Again the usual gambit is that they try and scare people into thinking that video games mean you lose all contact with your friends. I find that on the contrary because through the Xbox I get to converse with lots of my friends of whom it would cost me a FORTUNE to ring if I was to speak to them on the phone. In fact I have come back into contact with “long lost” friends through Xbox, so where is the detrimental social aspect then Panorama? But they won’t mention that because it’s a positive effect, and thier aim is to get everyone watching into some kind of paranoid frenzy.

We then have a voyeuristic nutjob who calls himself an artist who takes photos/videos in HD, of people when they’re playing games or watching television. Not only have they seriously cherry picked some odd fucking people to demonstrate how “engrossed everyone is” (naturally that’s bollocks), but they’re trying to make people have a complex that they’re adopting some kind of autistic vacant stare when playing games. Now how do we know that all the people in the pictures weren’t all sociopaths? And to be honest, I’m sure people pull the same face when they’re pleasuring themselves.

So I did a little experiment myself, I filmed myself playing Vanquish tonight on the Xbox. And I say it didn’t look like I was masturbating. I certainly hope not because it’s more of a stupid grin on my countenance and a copiuous amount of swearing. Again Panorama’s choice of media is very selective. Plus I can concentrate on other things on screens, such as reading wikipedia, or watching fucking Panorama on the BBC iPlayer. Seeing that I have the same effect, does that make watching the iPlayer as bad as playing games? Well they wouldn’t say that because no one would watch their objective propaganda.

They did however try to not be biased to their opinion which was made up prior to filming as they showed an interview with someone from UK Interactive Entertainment when they were talking about the Wii. However in typical BBC fashion the fucktard reporter didn’t seem interested in the argument because the guy he was interviewing said the opposite. I’m not an expert of body language but that’s just fucking rude. Plus why interview someone and pout like a you’re trying to depict a Rodin scuplture in Pictionary? Twat.

Of course then they wheel out another WoW nerd who went mad because they couldn’t get on the internet. How do you know that they weren’t actually mental or had some underlying mental condition? They then showed the case in Korea whereby they showed the story where a couple gamed across the road for 18 hours a day and their child starved to death. They then went on to say that the woman had a serious mental condition but they were still going on how the games were solely responsible. Staying in Korea they had a session whereby parents and children learn to bond again because they play online games. All I learnt from this is that there really are some SHIT  parents out there.

"Take this money, now say how bad gaming is for you..."

At this point I was just disgusted and annoyed with this bollocks. Raphael Rowe here completely has lost the point which they were saying because they have blatantly paid off the people to say what they’re trying to say instead of actually investigate. Isn’t that what investigative journalism really is? All I see is a cavalcade of shit parents and clever editing. Every case study was pretty much an extreme case and quite frankly in the grand scale of things, is quite anomalous. I’m not saying that gaming addiction doesn’t happen, but you can get addicted to anything if you think about it.

Raphael Rowe needs to get signal because I thought that entire episode was a complete farce and did not show the true aspect of gaming. Instead villified it to the point that hundreds of parents nationwide are now treating games like some kind of pandemic. Swine flu it certaily isn’t. Another pathetic piece of television from so-called award winning journalists. Fucking twats.

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