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by on Apr.16, 2011, under Games vs "Science"

I have seen many stupid claims as to how video games are bad for a while now. We had Trevor McDonald saying we’re all criminals, we had Grace Shin claiming unequivocally that we’re all pertaining to violence, and then we had that self-rigeous bloat Supernanny claiming that we’re all densensitised. Now we have reached a brand new low in people making up crap to condemn games. Garstang based therapist Steve Pope says we’re all junkies. If you think I’m mad then you should read the article here.

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine

“It is the fastest growing addiction in the country and this is affecting young people mentally, as well as leading to physical problems such as obesity.

“I saw one 14-year-old Preston boy who played on games for 24 hours non stop and had not eaten and was showing signs of dehydration.

“When his parents tried to take his console away, he became aggressive and threatened to jump out of a window.

“We have also dealt with children who have been skipping school and others who have been stealing from their parents to buy games.

“But it is not just children who are suffering – a growing number of adults are addicted to the Internet and to sites like Facebook.

Now there’s a lot of points here, and I can’t deny the fact that I laughed my arse off with most of them. But lets tackle the main claim that video gaming is the same as doing “a line of cocaine“. How the f*ck is playing a game like having cocaine. I appreciate that people who have no merit to their work rely on getting their point across by creating inflammatory and ridiculous statements, but this is just too far.

Cocaine the same as gaming? You tell Montoya that!

Now is playing on the Xbox going to cause you to die of an overdose? No. Because you can’t die of an overdose of Xbox. It’s not chemical. It doesn’t introduce crap into your respiratory system, of chemically alter your temperature. Cocaine also causes depression. Would you continually play a game if it made you depressed and run down? No. You’d avoid it and do something else if that was the case. Coke can also cause vein damage, ulcers and gangreene, all of which cannot be caused directly from playing games. And most importantly, cocaine usage can be fatal. Plus Scarface would be a pretty crap film if Ricardo Montoya had an empire of Xboxes…because he’d be Bill Gates, and the mental image of Colombian cartel smuggling Playstations into Venezuela is just stupid.But lets get back to the point, the only thing lik doing a line of cocaine, is in fact snorting a line of cocaine. Likening it to gaming is just puerile.

As usual, shit parenting is excused as long as you can blame games. If you let them get addicted, you can only blame yourself.

But why has Pope likened it to cocaine? Anyone with an IQ in double figures can see that he’s said something stupid to get a reaction. Why not liken playing a video game to contracting AIDS while you’re at it? But its another sweeping statement from another f*cking idiot who has nothing to do but rip on video games. But enough of this ‘tard and his stupid cocaine statement, what about the obesity he’s covered now? I’ve already written in a previous post that video games don’t cause dietry problems, a shit diet does. Plus having kids steal from their parents to buy games, well if you raise your child to be a little shit, then what do you expect? That’s bad parenting, nothing to do with video games. Again we have highlighted how some parents use games consoles as a substitute to actually caring about your kids and giving them some attention, and a therapist you’d like to think he’d have noticed. Well he probably has, but by making these sweeping statements with nothing to reinforce them, he’s getting the attention he wants, a bit when a three year old knocks over the crockery in Debenhams, it’s all for attention.

So if you're child becomes a brat over his games, perhaps buying it for him in the first place was bad idea? Remember all in moderation.

Let’s look at this 14-year old boy who gamed for 24 hours and suffered from dehydration. I think doing anything for 24 hours wil lcause dehydration, unless of course you’re drinking water. You could be doing your school work for 24 hours straight, suffer from dehydration, but would you get some idiot therapist saying that homework is like cocaine? No. It’s a completely stupid statement he’s made there. Video games are not the source of his dehydration, playing a game does not physically make you dehydrated, absence of common sense to get a drink or any kind of sustenance does, but I ask you, where were his parents in this time? Seeing that he’s a minor, doesn’t that make them responsible for his neglect? It’s pathetic. So many people are quick to get onto the “video games are evil” bandwagon that they complete become devoid of common sense and make stupid statements like this.And as for the kid who threatened to jump out of the window, well if he’s that mental he shouldn’t b playing games in the first place. It’s like buying an obese child a wheelbarrow full of Happy Meals, or buying an alcoholic a bottle of Glenfiddich. You just don’t do it.

So in conclusion, Steve Pope has managed to go from extreme obscurity, to becoming one of the stupidest people to have made a braindead comment on the internet to get attention. I have heard some pretty stupid utterances against games before but has to rank up there with the most pathetic excuse for “science” I have heard. Well done Steve Pope, people now will think you’re a complete fucktard. Get signal.

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