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Streets of Rage 4 – First Multiplayer Playthrough

by on May.04, 2020, under Xbox One

Since my previous initial playthrough I uploaded on here, I decided to reserve judgement of Streets of Rage 4 until I have played in multiplayer, because SoR games are meant to be done with a partner. And the difference is huge. Here Liam and Stu play some online co-op (with Jim in the chat too).

First run-through (single player): here

So playing it with in co-op is wholly different experience, it’s actually very enjoyable. While the unbalanced enemies is prevalent in co-op gameplay, it’s nowhere near as noticeable. Combos are much more fun and fluid and stacking multiple hits with your online cohort is not only way more satisfying, it’s significantly more effective. With you and your partner battering opponents into walls in a chain fashion, racking up huge combo multipliers is what this game is made for, and more importantly the relentless enemy spamming sees a burden of every goon in existence instead of converging against you like horde of bees en masse, takes one different targets which ultimately gives you the much needed breather in the middle of intense combat. I have to say after completing it in multiplayer, now this game makes sense. It is incredible that in a game where the single player mode is a laborious slog of frustration, co-op multiplayer brings it to life and becomes a good game with satisfying results.

I honestly have never encountered a game which in single player to be so naff, but in multiplayer to be so enjoyable. But with it comes an appreciation of the game as its merits become apparent when you do play it in co-op. So in all honesty; if you loved the original series, you’ll probably persevere with this a bit more as there are unlockables for nostalgia purposes like the retro soundtrack and pixelated characters from the originals

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