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GTA Sledging

by on Dec.14, 2013, under Gamer Rages

While the title may sound like a Christmas reference, I’m afraid it’s not, although I’m sure lots of you may get Grand Theft Auto V for Christmas. No I’m talking about people talking shit. I don’t think I’ve ever had a game where other players send you direct Xbox messages of complete shite. Most of it doesn’t ever make any sense and you’re left questioning their sanity profusely, but occasionally you get some people who seriously piss you off. One such cunt was some fucktard calling himself “ilCORVOdelaVEGA”, as if that makes any fucking sense whatsoever. Anyways, this twat decided that after cheating to win two races, and what I mean is smashing everyone out of the way instead of race like a real gamer, sent me this message:



Now yeah it’s not that bad, after all it’s some Mexican kid who is probably a catamite for his drunken father on weeknights, but it got me thinking.

On the basis of TWO games, can he by right really substantiate his claim that I in fact am a n00b? So I did some research:

IMAG0698 IMAG0699
 IMAG0700  y_u_mad

As you can clearly see, that in every instance of playing the same game, I’ve totally trashed his score! And I’m the fucking noob? As part of Team Sly on GTAOnline, we have a motto, a creed if you will, that we don’t fire first yet always finish the war. Well that also goes for racing. You can’t really get any satisfaction out of cheating to win, and if you do you’re a cunt, just like ilCORVOdelaVEGA of whatever the fuck his stupid illiterate name means/is.

And why send a message? I don’t know who he’s calling a bitch, but the stats show who’s more awesome. Perhaps should actually be totally better than someone before shooting their stupid twatty mouth off.

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