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Get lost Chime Super Deluxe, you massive jerk

by on Jan.13, 2012, under Gamer Rages

The first Chime game hooked me in. I loved it and was totally addicted to it for ages. I told friends about it, they all bought it, we all played it religiously. It was so easy to pick up and put down, and we all relived the nostalgia of our repsective childhoods by using our frivolous Tetris skills to complete each of the five levels and battle each other for top scores. Chime also, and by the best, was a charity game, as a non-profit game and charity benefitted from each purchase, so for me to recommend it to so many people it was a fine sense of altruism, not to mention a 50G achievement to say thank you. All in all, Chime was totally awesome, and I gave it a rave review here!

I really want to play Chime Super Deluxe, but I'm not forking out for a PS3 to do so

While sifting about on the internet today I noticed that another version of Chime had come out. It was even better from reading it. As I excitedly read through the new features, namely the co-op mode, which sounds fantastic as well as the versus mode I was scrabbling about eagerly looking for a release date to that I could rekindle one of the simplest and most entertaining gaming experiences on Xbox Live only to find the horrid words “exclusive to Playstation store”.

Now for a game which was originally released under the premise of being charitable, why then ostracise all the Xbox users who loved the first game? Loads of us played it and enjoyed every minute, so why exclude us from enjoying the new one? It doesn’t make any sense. Yes I’m aware that many XBLA titles aren’t on Playstation Network, but this game started off as a charitable project, why then turn around be jerks about the sequel? It doesn’t make any sense to me. If the original was cross platform then why is this one not?

Even a patch on the old Chime game from XBLA to allow co-op would be awesome, but obviously all of us on Xbox aren’t worth it. I’m irritated by all the Chime developers for denying the rest of us Xbox users a chance to play a much improved and social version of the game, so as far as I’m concerned they can get signal.

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