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by on Jan.24, 2011, under In The Gaming Pipeline

Throughout my younger gamer years it was always a two way struggle in the Beat ’em Up genre for me between the franchises of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. I know it’s like the Elvis vs The Beatles argument in Pulp Fiction, but do we have to choose? I love both franchises and have bought quite a few subsequent iterations of the respective series, (oh and then Tekken came along, and made it a three way battle!). Anyways, people seem to think that Mortal Kombat’s popularity was solely because of the gore factor and the fatalities. This takes away the fact that Mortal Kombat is a stunningly brilliant game which has aged very well. Yeah I know it had only 7 playable characters but it provided hours of entertainment. Of course this was the game which was lynched by humourless people as it made everyone violent until Grand Theft Auto was released but it was cleverly delivered with the motion captured animation of actors instead of the cartoonesque delivery of Street Fighter.

So while looking for new titles being released this year I did see a new Mortal Kombat game coming out. It looks like they’ve almost rebooted the franschise, the working title being Mortal Kombat 2011 for now. Now as a fan of this franchise since it’s beginning this is another title which excites me, as I’ve been saying all month that there aren’t that many games I’m looking forward to this year apart from the new EDF title.

There is an air of trepidation with the direction in which MK has gone, seeing that it’s last outing was with DC comics, which turned out to be a tiny bit weird. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE Superman, so performing a fatality on his was very satisfying. Street Fighter has a great introduction to the Xbox 360 so here’s hoping that this revamp of Mortal Kombat is worth it’s salt.

Personally I’m excited! FLAWLESS VICTORY!

Armageddon was the best MK game, I hope there's this many characters in the new one!

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  • Whyte Rabit

    I’ve always been a Mortal Kombat fan over Street Fighter. No idea why, just MK really appealed to me in a way that Street Fighter doesn’t. I hated Tekken, so that’s me on one side of the threeway fence!

    Have to look up the release date and any promo material that may have been released already.


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