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All Your Bugs Are Belong To Us

by on Jan.05, 2011, under In The Gaming Pipeline

I’m fully aware that the last time I expressed my excitement about a forth coming game it turned out to be boiled shit. Yes I’m still banging on about how lame Rock Band 3 turned out to be a pile of monkey crap when it seemed to exude so much promise prior to its release. But this is different. This is Earth Defence Force 2017’s sequel.

The spiders are back...I fucking HATE spiders!!!

Yes that’s right, the Ravagers are back and they’re obviously pissed off that Storm One, a single shock trooper managed to repel an entire invasion single handedly. Details from D3 are relatively tight lipped at this stage but from looking at the graphics, I can’t help but be excited. This potential masterpiece has been named as Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.

Lets not ignore the fact that EDF:2017 was graphically quite poo. Yes you could tell the ants from the spiders, and it was fun basically going completely postal in a totally collapsable environment but you could also tell how low budget it was. You got overrun and when the acid and spiders webs flying about your head like a spanish tomato fight, the processor always lagged massively. But the important thing is that it never pretended to be anything more than it was. It was a low budget bulletfest involving creepy crawlies and War of The Worlds style battle droids.

Anybody got any more ant powder?

Looking at the preview screenshots, the graphics have had a major reboot. The ants and spiders look proper mean and the general feel is a lot less low budget from EDF2017. The characters also seem to have had a makeover and I’ve seen pictures of characters flying about and toting some serious artillery. It’s almost as if they’ve paradigmed the battle suits from games like Vanquish and I can’t wait to see the battle vehicles. There also seems to be a character design mode whereby you can customise your intergalactic pest controller to become one hell of an ass kicking machine. I do wonder how they’ve upgraded the vehicles like the E55 Combat Vehicle Gigantus (yes I’m sad I know it’s name, most people just call it a tank) but with the graphical injection of awesomeness, what’s not to get excited about?!

But most importantly from what I have read…is online MULTIPLAYER. And we’re talking a whole campaign here. Now excuse me if a bit of sex wee came out when I first read that out but that could possibly be one of the most anticipated games ever for me. I LOVED EDF:2017 and to be honest was one of the main reasons why I invested in an Xbox360, but playing online co-op with all my team? I cannot wait. And for all you PS3 fans out there, it’s coming out on that too so it’s not just an Xbox 360 exclusive.

1st March they’ve announced the date for it, consider it bought already. (NB Please EDF:IA, don’t be shit like Rock Band 3!)


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  • Whyte Rabit

    wow… that’s all I have to say! You’re right, despite its poor graphics and freezing up for 5 seconds at a time every 5 second mid battle, I think EDF:2017 is one of the best games out on the XBox. And an online sequel… I need to go change my pants too…

  • Synyster Graves

    Come March the Ravagers won’t know what hit them! We need a third player though because apparently the campaign co-op is 3 player! (odd number I know!)

  • King

    I’m game for 3 player co-op, the first was awesome so this should be seriously good, besides it’s about time I got a game when you guys do and not 6 months after you’ve completed it already! 🙂

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