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High Life Update (GTA Update 1.13)

by on May.06, 2014, under GTAOnline

Before everyone gets on my back, I have NO idea when this is coming out, all we’ve been told is May, and even then it’s not been confirmed. So every Tuesday this month we have people getting over excited saying it’s coming out this week. Well it’s not. Unsurprisingly Rockstar are keeping their cards held very close to their chest as to not whip up too much hype. It can be said that maybe they should have announced the update when they had a date in mind, but it’s too late now, we’re all frothing at the mouth.

What I am objecting to is every time I look online for any news it’s that frigging ibtimes website who just post stories from some average bloke called Granty because he’s posted a video on YouTube.


Why does “Granty” insist on giving all of us false hope. STFU!

First and foremost, this is one guy’s opinion, of which he’s been about as accurate as a Mayan calendar or Nostrodamus for that matter because he can make the video seem that he actually knows what he’s talking about, when in fact it’s all speculation and this twats’ misguided opinion. I’m sick of it. Stop giving people hope when you can’t support it with solid evidence. I mean his videos are shit anyways, it’s just a montage and his boring voice overlayed, yet it reached thousands of views by people wanting to know about the impending update.

Just shut it you tit, it’s a complete waste of 2 minutes of your life, the same amount of time it takes to actually do Rooftop Rumble and net yourself a cool $18,750. That’s time well spent. Not listening to this twat, or reading the International Business Times website promoting his shite.

How the fuck is that always top of the google search? I’m bored of it now. I’m sticking to Rockstar Newswire because that’s the only reliable source, not some wanker’s opinion. What’s worse is that everyone who has viewed his nonsensical musings are genuinely looking for relevant information, he doesn’t fucking know that release date yet, the same as the rest of us. It really annoys me how he’s made some hashed up montages which people on the internet are referring to it as some kind of oracle. Just shut it.

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