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Warriors Orochi 2: All Difficulties Cleared Achievement

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Ridiculous Achievements

Personally I’m getting fed up with all the “do everything” achievements. This one is especially soul destroying and tedious to say the least. Warriors Orochi 2 is pretty much a carbon copy of the previous title except there are more characters to perpetually mash the X button to as you grind your way through another Dynasty Warriors game. Like the last achievement on DW6, this one is another huge and almost gratuitous time consumer.

You're going to get a very sore thumb with this achievement I can tell you!

Considering that there are 20 scenario levels, of which you have to do (usually stupid) side objectives to unlock the 28 Dream Quests, completing them all will take a while if you consider it usually takes about half an hour per mission, assuming you’re not playing on easy, which makes 48 levels. Now this achievement is for doing them all on all four difficulties, which are easy, normal, hard and ultra hard. That’s completing 192 levels therefore. Assuming it takes on average 30 minutes to complete a level, you’re looking at 96 hours worth for one achievement.

I don’t care if this achievement is 100G, it’s not worth 96 hours of playing a sub-standard hack and slash game which to be honest is even a more leaden grind fest than most other KOEI titles. This achievement is ridiculous and is another stupid method of making the player revisit the levels over and over again for no reason.


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