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Undead Nightmare (RDR) – Undead Hunter Rank 4

by on May.05, 2011, under Ridiculous Achievements

Ok so strictly speaking this isn’t an achievement in itself but it is something you do have to complete to get the Reach Rank 5 with all challenges achievement so I’m counting it. The other reason why this is here is because it’s so f*cking difficult to do. I’ve been trying this for the best part of 2 hours now and I can safely say it’s complete bullshit. What do you have to do to get this? Well here’s the criteria:

Sounds simple enough, but what you do need to take into consideration is the fact that the torch is completely useless and couldn’t even kill a f*cking bee. Alive or undead. The wolves were simple enough, just keep smashing away at the attack button as if you’re playing Dynasty Warriors but the Bear and the Cougar is just f*cking ridiculous. When I EVENTUALLY found an undead cougar, I strafed it’s attacks a few times and got a few good hits in. However, despite me emblazoning the reincarnated creature to the point that it was essentially a mobile bonfire, it just ran off. I ran after it after engaging in battle with it for a good fifteen minutes and the it just ran off. The torch is SHIT and this challenge is even more SHIT. Why doesn’t FIRE kill a f*cking ZOMBIE?! It does with the human zombies, so why not a cougar!? Are cougars now made of some kind of asbestos? And why does it run off all the time? It was fine attacking me at will but after I laid the smackdown on it with a flaming torch it just legs it and I check my status to see that I haven’t even been credited with a kill. It’s total and utter bullshit. I understand that they were trying to make it “realistic” i.e. a wounded animal escapes when hurt, but this is an UNDEAD COUGAR… any kind of realism goes out the window. Plus it’s on F*CKING FIRE.

And then I tried the Bear. If the cougar was total bullshit, this is like a megaton equivalent. The Bear makes an even bigger fire once you’ve hit it a few times and yet again, it just won’t f*cking die. It’ll burn brighter than a leaking gas pipe lighting up the night like Edward Woodward in a Wicker Man, but will the f*cking thing die? No. My status on this ridiculous challenge still says zero.

Why did they put a challenge in which is so unbelievably difficult? I like challenges, but this is shit. I know it’s possible because Rabit has done it but from playing it all afternoon, I’m struggling to see how this is attainable. But it reinforces the fact that developers seem to have the necessity to throw in batshit stupid achievements like “kill an atomic tank with a toilet roll” which will take you HOURS.What were they thinking?

Even a brilliant game like Red Dead Redemption has it’s flaws and this is one of them. You’d think that in a game like RDR which has so many glitches, the f*cking cougar would cut me some slack and get stuck running past a tree while it’s on fire and then have the good grace to die. Instead I’m running about all over the place looking for an undead cougar to hit with a measly weapon in the dire hope I can kill 3 of them and 2 bears before my sanity implodes.

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  • Whyte Rabit

    Yeah, this isn’t the easiest of achievements. I think the key here was to get a low powered pistol and hammer the crap out of the animal until it’s one shot from dying. Can take a few attempts to find the right number of shots, I remember I ended up killing the animals quote a few times with a pistol by accident before I got the chance to use the torch. This was even more annoying in the case of undead cougars which only appeared on screen once every 2 hours or so!

    Although you think this one is hard, wait until you have to hunt the Chupacabra, I think I wondered around Mexico for at least 4 or 5 hours before the damn thing even appeared!

  • Synyster Graves

    You know the funny thing is I’ve already killed the Chupacabra! I think my game is broken though because I can’t get the Famine horse to spawn, which means that I can’t get the last two achievements.

  • Whyte Rabit

    Ah, I thought that of my game, I spent two whole afternoons looking for the fecking Chupacabra, I was honestly about to give up and never try again when it eventually appeared. Very boring just riding round Mexico for two (real life) days doing nothing but waiting for a “A mythical creature has appeared near you” message, or whatever it says!

    Ironically enough, after I killed the Chupacabra, the Unicon literally spawned right in front of me, so got that one in under 10 seconds!! Maybe it was the games way of apologising!!

  • I Hate Bears

    Well,Honestly i think that it doesn’t count when you burn a cougar,bear, or wolf because i was listing the damn game and i killed about 8 wolfs.I checked Progress and it still said i needed to kill 5 damn wolves!.TIP:Best Place To Find Cougars,Wolves,And Bears Is Tall Trees.By The Way,I Already Finished The Whole Game And i Got Death.Tip:If You Want To Find The Chupacabra,You’ll need To look Where there Are 3 Horses Near Torguemada In New Mexico.

  • Whyte Rabit

    Yeah, that sounds about right :( Yet another example of the game glitching and not counting things it should, pretty fecking frustrating when you have to repeat something 10 times for the game to actually register your hard work.

    As for the location of the Chupacabra, I did read that’s the best place to find it, but still took me over 5 hours for the damn thing to spawn. Considering that was the last thing I needed to do for 100%, it was pretty damn boring as there wasn’t anything else I could do while I was waiting to pass the time!

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