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Mortal Kombat vs DCU: Online Champion Achievement

by on Apr.11, 2011, under Ridiculous Achievements

As far as Mortal Kombat games are concerned, this one is a stinker. The controls are clumsy and the storyline is pants. But I’m not here to review this game, I’m here to slate this stupid achievement.

One of the jewels in my achievement crown is the Street Fighter IV “Win 10 ranked matches in a row”. This was excruciatingly hard as the level of players on ranked is nothing short of exceptional. So to win 10 without loss it quite a feat. Obviously MK’s rivalry with SF hit boiling point with them trying to out-do SF yet again with this achievement. No matter which way you look at this achievement, it’s fucking ridiculous.

"Yeah just one more win and...oh...some prick has just rage quit..."

Now you can come out and say to me that I can’t get this because I’m rubbish, and you’d probably be right. Seeing that this game is a pile of fried crap I actually don’t mind being rubbish! But this comes with a huge flaw, if you play against someone and they rage quit, this will reset your 25 count. Yes you heard me right, someone cowarding out on you can cost you all your hard work. Just imagine that you’re on a streak of 24, someone quits out and you’re back to 0, and you didn’t even quit! What were they thinking?!

I have always hated online achievements as it discriminates against people who don’t have xbox live. Certainly putting this achievement in I think about 5 people in the world would have the skills to get this as being a ranked match, you’re going up against the world greatest bad losers, and you will get rage quit against a lot (that’s kind of why I have the Inferno!).

This is a pointless achievement and I’m sure that it looks doable, but in reality you have to rely on playing 25 honourable gamers who actually have this game, and the odds on that are very slim at best. If it was just win 25, that’s very doable, but because it’s in a row, you can just forget it and kiss that maxout goodbye!

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