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Left 4 Dead: Untouchables Achievement

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Ridiculous Achievements

Now this one is one of the most stupidest fucking achievements I’ve ever seen. Basically in Left 4 Dead when you get the rescue vehicle all survivors have to get on the escape vehicle but if one character takes any kind of damage, we’re talking even 1% damage, you can’t get it. Now the major annoyance with that is that it doesn’t even have to be you who takes a hit, every single character has to have EXACTLY the same amount of health as they did when the vehicle was summoned.

The AI are too useless to try anything precise...

Now in theory, this shouldn’t be too hard but I can safely say from experience that it’s virtually impossible, even on the easy difficulty. The special infected are cheap as hell and will somehow find a way through all your careful planning of strategically set petrol cans and propane tanks everytime. Tanks throw rubble, smokers have that gay tongue attack and hunters can leap supernatural distances, completely bypassing your defences. On top of that, zombies have a habit of managing to assail ridiculous flanks on your defensive position making it so difficult to do it properly.

But that’s assuming you’re playing with three other decent players. Doing it with the AI is almost impossible as the AI are completely retarded and will run off into the midst of the horde for no reason. Plus they never actually get on the rescue vehicle straight away allowing the special infected to snare them with ease.

The other issue which Rabit found is that friendly fire also counts against it. Even on easy difficulty where friendly fire doesn’t lower your health bar, a single stray bullet to another player and the gig is up. What the fuck is up with that? The achievement clearly states that no survivors take damage. If in the rules of the level that friendly fire doesn’t cause damage, then it shouldn’t jeopardise your chances of unlocking this acheivement.

This achievement is completely arse and I’m adamant that me and my crew of Left 4 Deadders have got this several times, only to be scuppered by more lame programming from Valve.


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