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Left 4 Dead: Nothing Special Achievement

by on Dec.08, 2010, under Ridiculous Achievements

If you thought the Untouchables Achievement in Left 4 Dead was fucking stupid to get, then this one is even more stupid. The aim of this achievement is go through an entire campaign without suffering damage caused by a tank, witch, hunter, smoker or boomer. Sounds easy? Is it fuck. Even on the easiest difficulty level and you try and race through before anything can hurt you, one of the special infected is going to get a stray piece of damage on you. You can play cautiously or speedily, it doesn’t matter, one of you is going to get hit, especially when the tank decides to show up.

Mr Smoker will always catch you at some point...

The difficulty of this again is really you need to have three very good friends with you as the AI are pathetic. They wander off aimlessly into the midst and get annihilated by one of the specials. Even 1% damage from a smoker tongue fucks up the achievement. Like the Untouchables achievement, the criteria for you specifically. I don’t think it’s fair having another person fuck up, be they ambient or active, screw up your chance of unlocking it. It’s not fair. But with most of Valve’s achievements they think it promotes team play when in reality when you’re going for the achievement, you’ll just villify the poor bastard who happened to get hit.

Both the Left 4 Dead achievements which I’ve criticised suffer from two things, the difficulty of both being utterly ridiciulous and the fact that you have to rely on other people to do so. If the AI were remotely competent, then this would be an issue, as it stands, they’re completely retarded and do nothing but hinder your progress. Both achievements should be re-written to be you take no damage, not all of you.


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  • The Ette

    The Ette has this achievement, and to prove it’s stupidity and lack of necessary skill I would like to state how I came by it.

    Bear shouted that dinner was 10 mins away and I faced the eternal dilema pause or run…. I ran like buggery through the level killing very little till the last stand when I camped out (it helped I was playing crash course) to this day I’ve never managed it since it was pure luck on a day the AI decided to find the trigger on their guns and the special infected didn’t single me out.

    This is not an achievement based in any way on merit. It’s all luck!

  • Synyster Graves

    Am I the only one out for you lot who hasn’t got this bloody achievement??

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