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Dead Space: Don’t Get Cocky, Kid Achievement

by on Feb.08, 2012, under Ridiculous Achievements

This achievement drives me up the wall. Perhaps I’m crap at shooters in general (I know I’m not I’ve completed Gynoug and R-Type in my youth) but this achievement is just down right frustrating.

In this sequence you’re in the cockpit of a gunner pod trying to fend off the battery of incoming asteroids. The actual surviving itself is not impossible, it’s the finishing of the sequence with at least 50% hull integrity which is the problem. By virtue of the fact that you only start with 75% in the first place is enough to merit this situation as undoable, but to survive the barrage conceding less than 25% hull integrity is taking the p*ss. I’ve attempted this several times over and probably rage quit a handful of times and the best I’ve done is about 39% remaining.

If you think it’s the fact that I can’t shoot, then you’ll need to know that the guns also overheat if you fire on fully auto for over a second, I am really not exaggerating! The rotation of the guns is sluggish and with the guns overheating if as much as look at the cannon, this achievement can go do one as far as I’m concerned. I’ve given up going for it, I’ve run out of patience. And it’s only for a measly 10G, so the amount of stress and thrown controllers, it’s not really worth it!

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