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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom – Curse of The Developer Achievement

by on Apr.15, 2011, under Ridiculous Achievements

This is quite possibly one of┬áthe stupidest achievements I have ever since. If you take into account that this game is the biggest grindfest of a game of all time that may not cover it. Similar to the Dynasty Warriors achievement I’ve mentioned previously, this also massively takes the piss.

I started this game with the Vampire/Ninja guy Lienhart and while the game was fun, it took me about 30 hours to complete the game with him. Not only that but I think I completed the game at level 56. It took me another 15-odd hours playing in multiplayer to even break the level 80 mark with him, and a further 10 hours to reach the 120 mark, which is the highest possible. In that time I had to play with randoms in multiplayer as you get way more XP for killing enemies in multiplayer, which helps level you up. But level 80 for all characters? It’s way too much.

For a start, to unlock Curian, you have to complete the game as Kendal, which means doing the monotonous fetch quests time and time again and doing the same levels over and over again, because KUF:COD makes you replay the same bloody levels on some kind of inifinte repeat, like Devil May Cry 4. So to reach level 80 with all 6 characters, you’re looking at investing about 55 hours of gameplay, per character.

If you do however fancy a relatively average hack and slash game for the best part of 450 hours then I applaud you, right before being bullied for being a lifeless loser. I don’t know what they were thinking putting this achievement in but I’d imagine that there’s not many people worldwide who would have ground this one out. As for it being the curse of the developer, I think the developer can chuff off!

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  • Electronica

    Interesting information. Thank you..

  • solosdelica

    one its celine u have to beat the game with to unlock curian and two playing online from 1 to 80 will take no more then 5 hours . level your char to level 10 on your own which takes about 30 mins then join a game at road of chaos then leave go solo then kill quit and reload . between level 10 and 30 it will take about 2 hours. now u should be killing quicker and beaten the game create a hard game and start at the forest then just kill should take another 1 to 3 hours to reach level 80 i have done this with all chars and with help even got to level 120 in 2 hours. any chance u have use greed on your weapons

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