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Avatar – The Burning Earth: One With Combat Achievement

by on Mar.01, 2011, under Ridiculous Achievements

I suppose this achievement is ridiculous for the complete opposite reason for what I usually address. This is achievement, stacked with the ones of 10, 20, 30 and 40 hits can actually be done in one go. And before you even think that this is even remotely difficult, you can spam the same identical attack over and over again and get the much fabled 5 achievements for 1000G pop up.

It seems almost incredulous that you can press the X button repeatedly for about 2 minutes and rack up 1000G just like that. I know some games are easier to get a decent gamerscore but this just takes the piss. Avatar and King Kong are famous for being the two piss easy 1000G games to maxout, especially since you can do both pretty much without being good at games at all! It’s pretty much getting 100G for putting the game in, 100G for pressing start, 150G for selecting the game difficulty and 750G for playing more than two minutes. It’s f*cking lame.

Personally, I will never have either of these games on my game history as there’s definitely a lack of integrity for your gamerscore if you have an almost instant 1000G credited to yourself. As for this achievement, it’s a complete joke since an inebriated dog on a rotating skateboard could get the full 1000G for not much effort. I’m proud of my gamerscore, and I’m prooud that it’s high without having to resort to this or King Kong in order to pad it out.

300G for pressing the same button over and over again? Roll over Billy One Move.

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  • Whyte Rabit

    I got one level in to King Kong, and took it straight back to the store it was that bad! It wasn’t even worth suffering for the gamerscore!

    As you may have guessed from previous posts, I won’t be buying the Avatar video game lol but that does look a stupidly easy 1000G.

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